Project Owl, and Google’s Attempt to Hit Fake News Where it Hurts

Google’s got a big problem, and it’s the same one that’s plaguing Facebook. How do you deal with fake news, when the truth is evolving in real time? A new update from the search engine, codenamed “Project Owl”, aims to try and curb the fake news epidemic. It’s also making some interesting changes to search, […]

Free Reputation Management Webinar

Our CEO Pierre Zarokian and attorney Aaron Minc from Dinn, Hochman & Potter, LLC will be doing a free online webinar on July 19, 2016 at 2:30pm EST. Pierre Zarokian will discuss Yelp and general reputation management, including: – The importance of Yelp and why you should actively try to increase your positive reviews on Yelp – […]

Social Media Contests

Article by Pierre Zarokian Running contests and giveaways on social media is one of the best ways to gain new followers and likes. Why? Because your post will go viral, specially using the services that we offer. We offer a social media contest or giveaway platform that is point based. The more activities the users […]

Negative Yelp Reviews, Beware you could get sued!

You ate at a fancy restaurant but were not satisfied with the service. So you decided to write a negative customer review on Yelp, and fib just a little to make the review seem more believable. Harmless, right? Wrong! You could get sued for parts of the review. And this is exactly what happened to […]

Ripoff Report Removed from Google for Several Hours, What Happened?

Written by Pierre Zarokian We stumbled across something quite amazing this morning: RipOffReport appeared to have been completely de-indexed by Google for several hours. We can confirm that at 11 AM pacific standard time, performing a search for “” or the Ripoff Report brand name returned no results. Although the site has since shown up […]

Veteran Search Marketing Expert Pierre Zarokian to Speak at Pubcon

The world of reputation management is one that isn’t well-defined, and Yelp is one of the primary platforms that businesses are concerned with. Bad Yelp reviews, according to Harvard, have real impact on how consumers perceive a business. Pierre Zarokian, a veteran in the realm of search marketing and the CEO of Submit Express and […]

Submit Express Announces upcoming Trade Shows

Submit Express will be exhibiting at the upcoming trade shows below. If you are local to LA area, make sure to attend and mingle. LA Largest Mixer, Los Angeles, CA, July 16, 2015 Small Business Expo, Los Angeles, CA, Nov 5, 2015


In the past year hundreds of new Top Level Domanins (TLD’s) have been launching. A new domain extension with ending of .suck will be launching soon. Read the article by our CEO Pierre Zarokian at Performance Insider titled “The New .sucks Domains are Launching” to learn more.  


Amazon is planning to become a local service directory for Home Repair ,a little like Angie’s List and Craiglists, but on Amazon you can actually purchase the service, similar to Groupon. An article by our CEO Pierre Zarokian has been published on Search Engine Journal, which explains more. It is titled: “Will Amazon Become the […]


Imagine that your business is receiving phone calls from Yelp, unsolicited, trying to sell advertising space. How many times do you have to say “no thank you” until you finally reach the end of your patience? One business wants “no” to mean “no” in every aspect. In a recent interview with Search Engine Journal, Pierre […]