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Latest Search Engine and Search Engine Marketing News and Articles



Google Announces Layout Algorithm Improvement - Jan 23, 2012

Google has launched an algorithmic update that evaluates the layout of a webpage. The latest change looks at the layout of a page as well as the amount of content featured on a page, and will negatively affect sites that don't have enough content "above-the-fold," such as sites where users have to scroll down the page past several ads to find content. Read More

SOPA Blackout Reaps Results, 4.5 Million Signed Google's Petition - Jan 19, 2012

On January 18, some of the web's largest companies as well as many smaller sites rallied together in protest against two anti-privacy bills, SOPA and PIPA, currently under consideration on Capitol Hill. Some companies, such as Wikipedia, blacked out for 24 hours, while others, such as Google and Craigslist, featured links on their pages with information about the bills. Read More

Google To Declare Opposition to Anti-privacy Bills - Jan 17, 2012

In conjunction with the tech industry's blackout movement planned for January 18, TechCrunch confirms that Google's U.S. homepage will feature a link to highlight the company's opposition to the Stop Online Privacy Act and the Protect IP Act, two anti-piracy bills that are currently going through Congress. Read More

Internet Users in China Surpasses 500 Million - Jan 16, 2012

The Los Angeles Times reported that more than 500 million Chinese citizens used the web last year, according to a tech-industry firm, changing the way people process and discuss information and news in the communist-controlled state. Read More

Public Interest Research Center Files Complaint Against Google's New Search Results - Jan 13, 2012

Google continues to be inundated with complaints over its new search feature, Search Plus Your World. The Los Angeles Times reports that the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a Washington-based public interest research center, filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission on January 12 over the new feature, saying it invades the privacy of users while shutting out rivals. Read More

Google + Is Vital for Search Marketers and SEO - Jan 11, 2012

With the recent launch of Search Plus Your World, Google has made it possible for users to find their own information on the web, including photos and content shared by them and other members of their network. However, most of this "personal" information comes not from Twitter, Facebook, or other sources but from Google Plus, which is why Google's social networking site has just become one of the most important tools for marketers. Read More

Google Reveals Major Transformation to Search, Gets Personal - Jan 10, 2012

Google Search just got personal. The tech giant has unveiled a major change to its search results with the addition of "Search Plus Your World." The new transformation makes it possible for users to find their own information on the web, including information about people they know and the content they've shared with them. Search Plus Your World will be rolling out over the next few days to users signed in on in English. Read More

Social Signals Increasingly Vital to SEO Campaigns - Jan 09, 2012

As search engines give more and more weight to social signals such as likes, tweets, and Google +1s, search marketers do, too. Marketing Charts reports that 84 percent of search marketers say social signals will be more important to their SEO efforts this year as compared to last year, while 31 percent said social signals will be much more important this year as compared to 2011, according to a new survey by BrightEdge. Read More

Google Reveals December's Tweaks to Search - Jan 06, 2012

As part of a new monthly series recapping the updates it has made to Search, Google announced a list of 30 improvements it made in December, 21 of which have never been announced. Among the new tweaks, which are given unique "codenames," a few stood out as interesting, including the way Google picks sitelinks (Megasitelinks), digs up images, and offers dates to bylines. Read More

Yahoo Appoints PayPal President as CEO - Jan 05, 2012

Yahoo Inc. has appointed Scott Thompson, president of PayPal, as its new CEO. Thompson will be replacing Tim Morse, effective January 9, 2012, and represents the fourth CEO for Yahoo! in less than five years. Read More

Google Chrome Gains December Browser Market Share - Jan 03, 2012

Marketing Charts reports the Google Chrome has increased its share of the U.S. browser market to 18.7 percent in December 2011, representing a 50 percent increase from one year earlier, and following closely behind Firefox, which fell to 20.1 percent for the second rank, according to statistics from StatCounter. Read More

Search Engine Land Turns Five, Launches Marketing Land - Dec 12, 2011

In celebration of its 5th birthday, the news and information site Search Engine Land announced yesterday the launch of a new sister site, Marketing Land. Read More

Yahoo! Site Explorer Shutting Down - Nov 22, 2011

As part of its algorithmic transition to Bing, Yahoo! shut down Site Explorer on Monday November 21, 2011; webmasters can now access Site Explorer services using the Bing Webmaster Tools. Read More

Google Unveils Ten Changes to Its Search Algorithm - Nov 15, 2011

Google has announced ten changes to its search algorithm, ranging from more relevant snippets to dropping a ranking signal in Image search. Although the tech giant makes nearly 500 changes to its algorithm every year, yesterday's announcement was part of an effort to unveil the "methodology and process" behind such improvements. Read More

Google Announces Major Update in Search Algorithm - Nov 03, 2011

In an effort to produce fresher and more relevant search results, Google announced today a major change in its ranking algorithm, one that affects nearly 35 percent of searches. The new algorithm update comes after the completion of its Caffeine web indexing system just last year, a change in its infrastructure that made it possible for Google to crawl and index the web for fresh content at lightning speeds. Read More