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PageRank is Alive and Well - Oct 10, 2011

Despite speculations that Google has discontinued the Toolbar PageRank scores, PageRank is alive and well. Read More

Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries Data is Now Live in Google Analytics - Oct 05, 2011

After a four-month testing phase, Google's latest Search Engine Optimization reports in Google Analytics are now available to the public. Valuable information for webmasters and SEOs alike, the reports are based on search queries data from Webmaster Tools and make Google Analytics all the more useful. The reports can be found in the Traffic Sources section of Google Analytics and include: Read More

What is SEO? Watch this Short Video - Sep 15, 2011

Do you want to gain traffic to your website but are new to the process of search engine optimization? Are you frustrated by the wealth of information on the internet about the subject and can't seem to grasp the concept? Read More

RIP Link Exchange - Sep 02, 2011

As of this month, Submit Express has discontinued Link Exchange as one of its search engine optimization services. We no longer provide this service to our clients because we believe Link Exchange is dead; in other words, it is no longer an effective way to improve rankings or link building. Furthermore, we believe that the time and effort required to achieve link partners can be better spent on acquiring higher quality links. Read More

2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report Now Available - Aug 09, 2011

What is the perfect search engine optimization strategy? What is the most effective SEO tactic? What is the most difficult to employ? Before you begin to answer these questions, you might want to find out what other marketers are doing. reports that the 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report -- SEO Edition is now out, featuring more than 150 charts from a survey of 1,530 marketers around the world. The report is published by MarketingSherpa. Read More

Google Panda 2.3 Update is Now Live - Jul 26, 2011

Search Engine Land announced today that Google has confirmed that they have run an update to the Panda filter once again. The latest 2.3 Panda update went live as of late last week and includes a few new signals that help to distinguish between lower- and higher-quality websites. Not surprisingly, the latest update has caused certain sites to rank higher while other sites have experienced traffic drops. Read More

How Will Google Plus Influence SEO? - Jul 19, 2011

It has only been a few weeks since the field trial launch of the Google+ project -- the tech giant\'s social networking service -- and the search engine optimization industry is already wondering how the new service might affect organic search rankings. Read More

Yahoo! To Shut Down Site Explorer - Jul 11, 2011

Yahoo! announced today it plans to discontinue Yahoo! Site Explorer, an SEO tool that has been around for nearly six years. Webmasters are encouraged to use Microsoft's Webmaster Tools as the source for Bing and Yahoo! webmaster site and analytic data. Read More

Chrome Exceeds 20 Percent Globally in June - Jul 06, 2011

Watch out Firefox and IE, Chrome's gaining users. For the first time since its launch in 2008, Google Chrome exceeded 20 percent of the worldwide internet browser market in June 2011, according to StatCounter Global Stats. Read More

Google Warns Webmasters About Bad Links Pointing to Websites - Jul 05, 2011

Since January, Google has notified webmasters via email whenever it discovers and penalizes a website with bad links pointing outwards, or for selling links. Now, the search giant is informing webmasters of the opposite: when it detects links pointing to a site, or for purchasing links. Read More

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Law to Collect Taxes from Ecommerce Retailers - Jun 30, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Wednesday the online sales tax bill to end California's existing redevelopment program and to make online retailers collect sales taxes. Under the new online sales tax law, AB 28 1x, online retailers without a brick-and-mortar presence in California would have to collect the same taxes as physical stores. Read More

Search Engine Land Introduces its Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors - Jun 08, 2011

Considering that it is one of the most crucial Internet marketing strategies available to website owners and publishers, SEO is still very foggy territory for most. Many people regard it as an improper practice while others can't justify the cost of investing in a long-term SEO campaign simply because they do not understand the methods. In an effort to help clear away some of the fog for people who are new to SEO, has released the Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors. Read More

Google, Bing and Yahoo! Team Up To Create - Jun 06, 2011

For the most part, leading search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo! don't play on the same team. But sometimes it takes a "dream team" to come up with a common language for structured data markup on Web pages. Google announced on June 3 that it has teamed up with rivals Bing and Yahoo! to develop and support a new website called The new site provides a suite of search-engine approved structured markup schemas that webmasters and site owners can use to enhance how their sites appear in major search engines. Read More

Google +1 Buttons Now Available Across the Web - Jun 01, 2011

In March, Google unveiled its +1 button, a way for users to recommend content to their friends and contacts directly from Google search results and ads. Today, the search giant has rolled out the button to the entire Web. Now, both large and small websites can add to their site what many (including Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land) are calling Google's answer to the Facebook "Like" button. Read More

Google Now Charges Clicks on Directions for AdWords Location Extensions - May 31, 2011

Launched in 2009, Google's "location extensions" tool allows advertisers to attach relevant phone numbers and addresses to their AdWords ads. The new format updated in February makes it possible for potential customers to find local businesses more easily with quick links to directions on Google Maps. Read More