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Google Launches New Video, Provides Deeper Look Into Search

In an effort to provide the public with an inside look at how search works, Google has launched a new video documenting one of its company meetings about a possible algorithm change. Captured on December 1, 2011, the rare video documents one of Google's weekly "Quality Launch Review" meetings held every Thursday, and, in this case, discusses a possible change to its spell correction system.

Google's new uncut and annotated video attempts to capture the company's thorough process of approving possible changes it makes to its algorithm. According to Google, one of the aspects of this process is that even relatively minor tweaks to its algorithm receive close examination by its search evaluation and ranking teams.

In a blog post announcing the video, Google also highlights that every improvement or tweak to the algorithm is assigned a search quality analyst to "study the impact." Google assures the public that its search quality analysts are not part of the engineering staff creating the tweak.

When it comes to making the decisions, Google wants the public to know that it relies on detailed analysts reports and data. According to the blog announcement, sometimes these reports can be more than 25 pages long, while other times might include specific examples to demonstrate trends in the data. According to Google, its engineers search for algorithm tweaks to improve millions of queries at once, instead of manually changing one example.

Watch Google's Search Quality Meeting Video, Uncut and Annotated.

- Melanie Saxe

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Mar 12, 2012