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Google Sending Messages About Bad Linking Issues

Google is increasing its efforts to penalize bad linking issues, according to Search Engine Land. While the search giant has always disproved of artificial or unnatural links pointing to a site, the company will no longer label these issues as "silently distrusted" links, but plans to be "more vocal" when webmasters openly violate Google's quality guidelines.

So what does this mean for webmasters? They will receive a message from Google about link violations that could be "intended to manipulate PageRank." In a sample message from Google, the company explains that "examples of unnatural linking could include buying links to pass PageRank or participating in link schemes." The message also encourages webmasters to make changes to the site in order to meet quality guidelines.

In an emailed statement to Search Engine Land, a Google spokesperson said, "It is true that actions on link networks have been more visible lately, but there's an important disclaimer to that. Google has been able to trace and take action on many types of link networks; we recently decided to make that action more visible." The spokesperson added," In the past, some links might have been silently distrusted or might not have carried as much weight. More recently, we've been surfacing the fact that those links aren't helping to improve ranking or indexing."

- Melanie Saxe

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Apr 02, 2012