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Google Releases AdWords for Video

Google has launched a new model for video advertising called Google AdWords for video, making it possible for advertisers to create and manage video campaigns from the same place they manage their search and display ads. Similar to search advertising, advertisers only pay when a user decides to watch their advertisement.

Available to everyone, Google AdWords for video allows advertisers to open an account and begin promoting videos in less than five minutes. Users will need to log in and choose a new campaign. The new "video campaign" product will be listed in the pull-down menu option for campaign type.

According to Google, the new product helps advertisers find their target audience by using a variety of tools. For example, advertisers can promote their videos by keywords, demographics, or select to display ads according to the topics their customers are most interested in.

Google AdWords for video also makes it possible for advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, and only shell out cash for engaged views.

In an effort to help businesses invest in video, Google is giving away $75 credits to people who are new to AdWords.

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Apr 27, 2012