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Google Announces Disavow Links Tool at Pubcon

Article by Pierre Zarokian, CEO of

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Pubcon Las Vegas 2012, the industry's leading Webmaster trade show. Among the keynote speakers was Google's Matt Cutts, who used the platform to announce the tech giant's latest webmaster tool, a Disavow links tool. But the day before his announcement, I caught up with Cutts in the hallway and had the opportunity to ask him a few questions. Ironically, I asked him about disavowing links.

I have been concerned about bad links pointing to our clients for some time, and brought up the issue to Cutts at Pubcon. I told him that it is very difficult to remove bad links pointing to our clients' sites mainly because we never receive feedback from the site owners. I then asked him if Google could provide a solution to this problem. Cutts responded by saying, "So you think a link removal tool we be good?" I said yes, and told him that Bing introduced such as tool over six months ago and that the SEO community has been waiting for a similar tool from Google. In response to my idea, he said, "Okay, I will pass on your suggestion to our team." The following day he announced the disavow links tool during the lunchtime speech.

Google's disavow links tool makes it possible for site owners and webmasters to remove low-quality links pointing to their sites.

"By removing the bad links directly, you're helping to prevent Google (and other search engines) from taking action again in the future," wrote Jonathan Simon, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, in a post on Google's Webmaster Central Blog.

He added, "You're also helping to protect your site's image, since people will no longer find spammy links pointing to your site on the web and jump to conclusions about your website or business."

You can use the tool by visiting this page:


Oct 25, 2012