Using this tool you can:

- See how search engine robots analyze your or your competitors web site
- Receive tips on how to improve your Meta Tags
- Check the keywords used on the page and find the keyword density
- Check web server operating system where site is hosted
- Check website load time
- Check website file size
- Check URLs and links found on the page

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that this tool is not a 100% accurate representation of search engine algorithms and should not be used as your sole tool for Search Engine Optimization. The exact algorithms that search engines use are closely-guarded proprietary secrets. Therefore, this tool attempts to provide very basic information about one specific element of a larger optimization strategy. There are many other ranking factors such as Link Popularity. In some instances, we have even seen sites rank at #1 for a keyword that is mentioned in the link anchor tag but not in the page content. Finally, though we strive to keep the meta tag analyzer up-to-date, search engines constantly modify their algorithms and this tool may be outdated by the time you use it.