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Submit your site to Inktomi via their paid submission program. Your site will be listed in HotBot, iWon, Goto, Canada.com, Looksmart, MSN, NBCI, AOL Search and Netscape.


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HotBot, iWon, Overture formerly Goto, Canada.com, Looksmart, MSN, NBCI, AOL Search and Netscape.

Business express submission to inktomi and yahoo.


Network Solutions is now offering Paid Inktomi Submissions

Network Solutions has finally launched the long awaited Inktomi Submission program. The Paid Submission will list your site in the Inktomi database within a couple of days and re-index it several times a week for one-year. This will assure that your site gets indexed fast and that in never gets dropped out. Inktomi powers HotBot, Canada.com, iWon.com and parts of LookSmart, AOL Search, Netscape Search, LookSmart, MSN Search, NBCi and Overture. Page spider.

This "pay" plan is similar to the program offered by PositionTech, which we announced a few months ago. There are however a few differences in the program and the pricing is different.

The pricing for Network Solutions program is as follows:

$30 for first URL
$15 for any additional URL's up to 100

The pricing for the PositionTech program is:

$30 for the first URL
$10 for any additional URL's from the same domain

The Network Solutions program allows URL's from different domains under the same order and it also allows unlimited URL changes. However, the PositionTech program allows only URL's from the same domain on one order and it only allows one URL change per year for each URL submitted. To order or to find out more about these programs please visit:

Inktomi paid inclusion Submission Program

PositionTech Inktomi Submission Program