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Submit Express Newsletter #29
August 15, 2000

1- Intro
2- Search Engine Optimization Resources
3- Search Engine News


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1- Intro

In this issue we are providing a list of resources and tools for those
who would like to do their own research to improve their website

Feel free to forward this email to all your friends that have websites
who may benefit from this information.

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2- Search Engine Optimization Resources

Below is a list of the most important resources and tools for those who
would like to research and do their own search engine optimization. 
Note that we are only listing here what we feel are the best sites. Some
of these even offer services that may compete with our site. However, we
want our newsletter subscribers to know about the best resources
available out there.


Search Engine Watch
Description: Offers wealth of information on search engines, how
they work, the latest news and statistics. Membership section
has more detailed information.

Search Engine Forums
Description: A bulletin board for discussion of search engine
placement techniques used by experts and newbies.

I-Search Discussion List
Description: A discussion mailing list that allows subscribers to
discuss search engine optimization topics.

Submit Express Newsletter
Description: The archives for this newsletter offering many search
engine placement tips and the latest news on major search engines.


Jim Tools
Description: Offers search engine submission tools, link popularity
analysis tools and keyword suggestion tools. Keyword Suggestion List
Description: Offers a search tool to find the most searched
keywords in the previous month at, which is a top search
engine. Good for deciding on keywords for your site.
Description: Offers a list of the top 100 most searched keywords. 
Good for deciding on keywords for your site.

Word Tracker
Description: A unique tool that combines keyword popularity with
lateral searches and misspellings and matches these keywords with
actual competition in several major search engines. This gives you
a huge list of keywords sorted by popularity versus competition, so
you know which keywords to target first. The site offers a free
trial so you can try out the tool.

Web Position Gold
Description: Offers a software program for search engine
optimization, generating ranking reports, submitting to major
search engines and traffic reporting. Also offers a free monthly
newsletter with search engine placement tips.

Top Dog
Description: Offers a software program for generating ranking
reports on over 200+ search engines and submission to over 100
search engines.
Description: A search engine that lists sites with most links to
them. It is a good tool to measure your link popularity against
your competitors.
Description: Free counter that keeps track of search engine traffic
and the last 10 keywords searched.

Description: One of the most powerful website traffic analyzers
that will also keep track of search engine keyword searches coming
to your site.

Affordable Cloaking Scripts
Description: Offers Affordable Cloaking Scripts, which allows your
search engine optimized pages to be hidden from visitors and only
be shown to the search engines based on their IP address.

Submit Express Meta Tag Generator
Description: Free Meta Tag generator to place keywords and
descriptions on your pages.


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3- Search Engine News

Raging Search:

Raging Search unveils new search customization options.  A new
"customize" button allows users to select colors, layouts and other
search options.  See details at:

Microsoft bCentral Selects GoTo as Keyword Advertising Solution for its
Members.  Two-year agreement with the number one aggregator of small
businesses on the internet gives GoTo access to more than 1 million
members of bCentral. See details at:


Inktomi and Network Solutions enter an agreement to offer paid
submission to domain name registration customers.  The new service will
guarantee a quick inclusion in the Inktomi database and a re-index every
48 hours. The service will be launched within a couple of months and the
pricing has not been set yet. See details at:


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