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Submit Express Newsletter #37
December 15, 2000


1- Intro
2- Link Popularity Tips - Part II
3- Search Engine News:, LookSmart and iWon



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1- Intro

We did an article titled "Link Popularity Tips" about a year ago. Since
then, several more search engines are using Link Popularity as a
ranking factor. We decided to revisit this topic with up-to-date
information that we have learned since last year.

In other exciting news, last week Iconocast Newsletter published an
article that ranked Submit Express as the 3rd most popular Search
Engine Submission and optimization company (behind B-Central of
Microsoft and Website Garage of Netscape). The article also includes
some useful info and survey results such as "Search Engine Listing
Methods Used" and "Methods Used to Improve Rankings".  You can see the
details at:

Feel free to forward this email to all your friends that have websites
who may benefit from this information.

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2- Link Popularity Tips - Part II

We did an article titled "Link Popularity Tips" in our Nov. 30, 1999
issue. You can see it at:

Since, then many more search engines are using Link Popularity as a
ranking factor. We decided to revisit this topic with up-to-date
information that we have learned since last year. However, keep in mind
that Link Popularity is not the only way that pages are ranked and
other criteria such as page content and Title are also factors.

For those that are not familiar, Link Popularity is a ranking method
used by most major search engines. It looks at the number of web sites
linking to your page and more importantly, who is linking to you.  The
more sites linking to you, the better your ranking would get.  Also,
the links from more popular and content relevant sites are better than
just any random links.

Hare are a list of major search engines that use link popularity:
AltaVista, Google,, Inktomi based search engines (HotBot, iWon,, Yahoo and Excite.

Below are some tips on how to improve your link popularity.

- Submit all sites that are linking to you to all major search engines.
To save time use our free submission page at:

The sites that are linking to you will help only if search engines are
aware of them.  Therefore, if the site that is linking to you is not
listed, submit them. Also, if the link on the site that is linking to
you is a new link, then resubmit them. 

- If you have your own domain name, you can find out who is linking to
you by looking at your referral log files. Most web hosting companies
offer this. If not, ask your hosting company about getting a statistics
package.  If you do not have your own domain name, some free statistics
and counter programs can be installed that will keep track of this. You
can find such statistics counter programs at: or

- Another way to find who is linking to you is to check manually in the
search engines. You can go to AltaVista and type:, replace "" with your domain
name and hit search. This will show you all the sites that are linking
to you that AltaVista is aware of.  Submit each one of these to all
major search engines beside AltaVista. Repeat this with and
Google. However, in Google use this command:
In Excite and some other search engines you can try typing your domain
name only, to see who is linking to you.

- Create links to yourself from other pages you own, bulletin boards
and free for all links pages. You can also apply for free web pages and
create links to yourself. Submit these links pages to all major search

- When creating any links to yourself from other pages make sure to
include your most important keywords in the links. Some search engines
will consider the keyword in the link in their ranking algorithm. This
works especially well with Google.

- The popularity of sites linking to you will help your overall link
popularity rating. If your site is listed in Yahoo, Open Directory
( and any other major directories, submit the page with
your link on it to all major search engines. Some search engines such
as AltaVista will give you a better ranking if a popular site is
linking to you.  It is more important to have quality links to
yourself, than quantity.

It is also better if the links to you come from a root URL (main page)
than a sub-page.

- The relevance of sites linking to you will help your overall rating.
The most natural way to develop link popularity is to trade links with
similar web sites.  Sites with similar content are always better than
random links to you just anywhere.  Again, submit the page that your
link appears on to major search engines.

- If you have several sites, but they are unrelated sites and you do
not want to cross link them, then you can use hidden links. One way to
do this is to use a 1-by-l pixel graphic image that is the same color
as your background and use this image to link to another page.

- There are some Link Popularity services available such as However, we recommend staying away from these
because this type of services can easily be detected by search engines
and result in the drop of your page for spamming. We also recommend not
using over 30 links on one page. We have noticed that some pages with
too many links have problems getting listed in Google.

- An important note about Yahoo: It uses link popularity only in the
search results within each category listing. Once search results are
found, the sites under each category are ranked based on link
popularity. Yahoo also uses Google as a backup listing provider.
Whenever there are no matches or not enough relevant matches found in
Yahoo, Google results are then displayed. Google relies primarily on
link popularity to rank pages.

We hope this article will help you in achieving better rankings.


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3- Search Engine News recently launched a paid-for-inclusion program.  This came one
day after we published our last newsletter covering the paid-for-
inclusion trends. The program will cost companies $200 and will
guarantee a site review within 48 hours. If your site is accepted, it
will be spidered once a week for one year. However, it is unclear if will also spider sub-pages.

An option for a free submission still remains. The basic submission
service may take up to 10 weeks before sites show up in the index.

In our professional opinion, the premium service is not a good
value as it does not guarantee a better or higher ranking. Since
launched their new site, web sites that are listed in the Directory
portion are ranked before all sites in the spidered section. Therefore,
the best way to get listed in is to submit your site to the
Directory for free. You can do so by becoming a Go Guide.

We wrote an article about how to get a good ranking in and how
to become a Go Guide in our November 30, 1999 issue. You can see it

We also noticed that the Basic submission option now asks for more data
than before. The submission page before asked only for URL and email
address. It now asked for site and contact information. You can see the
new free submission page at:

The premium submission page is at:

Currently, our free submission script is sending submissions via email
to  A representative stated that these are still being
accepted.  We are considering adding more fields to our free submission
page so that we are able to forward free submissions to with
additional information that they request now.


LookSmart raised their Basic Submit fee for their 8-week plan to $99
from $79.


iWon teams with Be Free, Inc. to launch performance-based affiliate
marketing program.  iWon will pay $0.01 per click, plus $0.50 cents for
every new iWon registration.  To sign up and to see program details
please go to:


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