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Submit Express Newsletter #49
November 1, 2001


1- Intro
2- Yahoo Partners with Overture to offer Pay-per-click Keyword

3- AltaVista Listing Enhancements Program/ Free Submission Update
4- Inktomi Database Inclusion Price Increases
5- Excite Sells Out to InfoSpace
6- Kanoodle Partners with Lycos and FAST for Paid Listings


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1- Intro

Most recent news about search engines in the past month involves pay-
for-placement programs. In this newsletter, we will tell you about
recent Yahoo partnership with Overture and some changes at AltaVista,
Inktomi, Excite and Lycos.

All these changes benefit advertisers that are willing to pay for
placement.  Although, pay-for-placement programs are a quick and easy
way to get to the top of search engines, it could get quiet expensive
and it requires some experience, if you plan to be successful at it.
Search engine optimization still remains one of the most cost effective
ways of getting listed in search engines. However, we always recommend
to use a combination of both pay-for-placement and optimization.

Feel free to forward this email to all your friends that have websites
who may benefit from this information.

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Pierre Zarokian
President, Submit Express


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2- Yahoo Partners with Overture to offer Pay-per-click Keyword

Overture, formerly GOTO, has always been a dominant player in the pay-
per-click search engine business.  Its dominance is primarily a result
of its partnerships with several of the Internet's leading search
engines:  AOL, Lycos, Netscape, AltaVista, etc.  But, approximately
three weeks ago, Overture made an unexpected alliance with Yahoo. This
alliance further strengthens its position as the leader in pay-per-
click search engine marketing. 

Search Engine marketers who bid on keywords through Overture will now
have their listings returned through Yahoo searches.  The top 3 bidders
for a keyword on Overture will now have prominent "sponsored" listings
at the top of Yahoo's search results.  Furthermore, the remaining top
bidders will also be included throughout the remaining pages of Yahoo's
search results, beginning with positions 4 & 5 at the bottom of Yahoo's
first page results, and continuing throughout the remainder of Yahoo's
search results in the following format on each page:  3 sponsored
listings at the top, 2 sponsored listings at the bottom. 

This alliance is Yahoo's first foray into pay-per-click search results. 
Yahoo has publicly stated that this is only a temporary solution to
pay-per-click searches, and Yahoo hopes to create its own pay-per-click
system within six months.  Until then, we believe that this alliance is
a clear win-win for everyone involved, and it serves to make pay-per-
click advertising a much better value, while adding credibility to the
entire industry. 

To signup with Overture and receive $5 credit, please visit thebelow


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3- AltaVista Listing Enhancements Program/ Free Submission Update

AltaVista has launched a Listing Enhancement program that allows you to
add logos, icons, custom taglines & text links to your listings. This
program is offered through Infospider, who is AltaVista's paid listing
program partner. Below is the pricing for this new program which for a
6-month period:

Logo: 1st URL $50, additional URL's $36.00
Icon: 1st URL $25, additional URL's $18.00
Custom Tagline: 1st URL $50, additional URL's $36.00
Text links: 1st URL $25, additional URL's $18.00

To sign-up and find out more details about AltaVista's Express
Inclusion or Listing Enhancement program, visit:

In related news, there are some rumors that the sites submitted via
AltaVista's free submissions have not been listed for about 3 months.
We contacted AltaVista about this and here is what their Product
Manager, Jonathan Glick, had to say:

"As we state on the site, free submissions take 4-6 weeks to process, a
timeline that we are hitting. In the last 3 weeks we've added or
refreshed over 270 million pages, not including those URLs from our
paid inclusion programs which are refreshed weekly."

Our guess is that most people who do not see their pages appear may
have some sort of a problem with their site such as pages that contain
elements, which may be considered spam. If you want your sites to get
in AltaVista in a timely fashion and find out of there is a problem,
the Paid Inclusion program is the best way to go.

Although AltaVista's pricing may seem a bit high compared to other
similar pay for placement programs, we have had incredible success with
it and it is from this success that we recommend spending the money to
guarantee entry into the index. 

AltaVista's search engine has recently been declining in popularity.
However, it still receives enough traffic to be considered a dominant
player in the industry and a worthwhile consideration among search
engine marketers.  We believe that the speedy indexing we have been
receiving with the paid submissions outweighs the monetary expense and
the delay time associated with the free submissions. 


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4- Inktomi Database Inclusion Price Increases

Inktomi, one of the Internet's largest content providers has recently
raised its price for inclusion.  Inktomi powers the search results in:
AOL, CNet, HotBot, Iwon, ICQ, Looksmart, MSN,,, Overture plus several large global portals and ISPs.

What has been considered one of the best deals on the Internet for many
web development and search engine optimization firms for still remains
as Inktomi's partnerships have extended far beyond just the major US
Based engines.

The paid inclusion program is an annual submission fee for one-year of
inclusion with 48-hour guaranteed re-spidering within their database.

Inktomi's price change is actually less than what was earlier
announced. The new prices for inclusion are $39 for the first URL and
$25 for additional pages. Past pricing was $30 for the first URL and
$15 per each additional page.

Inktomi frowns heavily on spam and doorway pages. To successfully
submit to this service you may want to allow Submit Express to do it by
using our optimization services. For more details, please see:

If you like to signup on your own, you can visit:


5- Excite Sells Out to InfoSpace

As announced earlier, Excite search engine, subdivision of Excite@Home,
was looking for a buyer due to its financial troubles. Excite@Home has
reached an agreement with Infospace to sell its search engine assets.

Very shortly Excite's search results will be powered by Infospace-owned
Dogpile.  This means that searchers may have no reason to visit the
Excite portal in the near future, and that InfoSpace is merely
attempting to piggyback the remaining traffic as long as it exists. 
Which we predict, will not be very long. 

Excite bares only a vague resemblance to what it once was - a pretty
darn good search engine.  InfoSpace's acquisition will change its face
even further, as the primary search results will be even more heavily
dominated by paid listings.  Editorial listings on Excite will not
longer be provided, and eventually we predict that the remaining
traffic will completely dwindle away. 

Excite is the oldest remaining crawler based search engine, and when it
is eventually shutdown that title will be relinquished to AltaVista.


6- Kanoodle Partners with Lycos and FAST for Paid Listings

Kanoodle has expanded their web search reach by solidifying
relationships with both Lycos and FAST - All The Web.  Any business
that is the number one bidder for terms at Kanoodle will show up as the
Start Here link at Lycos and All The Web.

The "Start Here" links at Lycos appear at the very bottom of the
Products & Services section of the search results page. Primary search
result listings in this area continue to come from Overture, however
the "Start Here" links are all from Kanoodle.

The Start Here links are sold by Lycos. They sell for about $35 to $60
CPM depending on volume of clicks purchased and the keywords chosen.


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