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Submit Express Newsletter #51
February 7, 2002


1- Intro
2- Yahoo is now charging Recurring Annual Fees!
3- Overture Updates Editorial Listing Policies
4- Northern Light is History
5- AOL Search and Ask Jeeves Change Database Providers
6- How To Write To Persuade


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1- Intro

This year is really starting off with a bang. Right out of the shoot, we are
seeing some pretty interesting changes that will soon affect all companies
working hard to get listings in the major engines and directories. Some of
the most recent news and changes that will be impacting companies online begin
with Yahoo and Overture.

Perhaps the most significant change occurs within the Yahoo system.
Effective December 28th, 2001 Yahoo changed to a $299 annual fee, instead of the
one-time inclusion fee, for all new submissions.

The second top story related to our friends at Overture. Overture has
announced that they will be modifying editorial standards in which sites are listed in
their PPC system. Essentially, they will be cleaning house by only allowing
companies to market themselves within certain specific distribution

Additional news includes recent changes occurring at the Northern Light, AOL
Search and Ask Jeeves search engines.

We would like to announce that we have added search engine Wisenut
( to our free submission script. Wisenut is a great
new search engine and likely to be a big future player. If you submitted your
site before January, we recommend you to revisit our site and resubmit to get
listed in Wisenut.

In addition to the general search engine news, we are also featuring an
article that we think might be of interest to you. The article was written by
independent journalist John Colanzi and addresses some important elements of
writing great ad and web site copy. Again, we believe this is good
information to know.

Feel free to forward this email to all your friends that have websites
who may benefit from this information.

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Pierre Zarokian
President, Submit Express


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2- Yahoo is now charging Recurring Annual Fees!

On December 28, 2001 Yahoo modified its policy regarding paid submissions.
From now on, all new paid Yahoo submissions are subject to a recurring $299
annual review fee. Yahoo did not specify exactly why this annual review is needed,
or exactly what an annual review will entail. However, all sites submitted after
December 28th, 2001 will have to pay this annual fee to stay in the directory.

This change may prohibit many small businesses from being included in the
Yahoo directory. Small businesses may be able to justify spending $299 one time,
but will they be able to justify $299 per year? Yahoo must think so. Yahoo
generates a substantial percentage of website traffic across the major
engines and directories, sometimes as much as 50%, but does that traffic translate
into enough revenue on an annual basis?

Fortunately, websites that were already indexed in Yahoo's directory prior
to December 28, 2001 will be able to stay without an additional paid review.
Of course, we don't know how long that will last. Yahoo is clearly interested
in multiplying its income streams, so watch out. If your website is already
indexed in Yahoo, you may be coughing up an additional $299 each year to
maintain your listing.

In a January survey, Submit Express is showing that 71 percent of companies
surveyed believe that Yahoo is a good deal for the money and is worth the
annual subscription fee. An additional 14 percent of companies surveyed said that
the fee is too excessive and they would not consider the re-submission fee, and
15 percent of companies have not yet made their decision.

There was a concern from many website owners who did not want their sites
renewed automatically and their cards charged without notification. Yahoo
has now stated that they will notify site owners 5 days prior to renewal and
give them a chance to cancel. Also, site owners can request automatic renewal
cancellation at anytime by emailing Yahoo.

It is likely that LookSmart may be the next to start charging annual fees.
If you still have not submitted your site to LookSmart, you can do so from the
link below:


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3- Overture Updates Editorial Listing Policies.

During the past two months, Overture has modified its listing policies
several times. Most recently, they have added the following requirements:

Direct Path:
The URL listed in the search result must take the user directly to the
specific content page that qualifies the site for the search term. Sites may no
longer direct users to their home page, or require users to search for content by
having to click deeper within the site.

Description Quality:
Titles and descriptions must be well written, objective, clear, and concise.
Using superlative words, such as "best," "biggest," or "lowest" are no
longer acceptable.

Location-specific sites may bid only on location-specific terms. Therefore,
advertisers whose services can only be rendered or delivered within a
certain region will have to specify that region in their terms, titles, and

Overture says that they we will begin reviewing existing listings on
February 1, 2002 to ensure compliance with these guidelines. It is not known how
strictly these new policies will be enforced for existing Overture advertisers, but
expect to see a few shake-ups in the listings. There is some industry
speculation that these policy revisions have been made in order to make
Overture compliant with its new partners such as Yahoo & MSN. We can't verify that,
but what we do know is that it just became a whole lot more difficult to bid on
search terms in Overture.

If you are not an advertiser with Overture, sign up below and receive $5 credit through a special arrangement we have made with Overture for Submit Express visitors:


4- Northern Light is History

As of January 16, Northern Light discontinued its free web search
capabilities to the general public. Through the public search engine, users will now be
able to access only the Northern Light Special Collection. This collection of
over 70 million pages of text is offered on a pay-per-read basis, for as little
as $1 per article. Northern Light is refining its business to focus exclusively
on the needs of enterprise customers. This move allows the company to lower
the cost of maintaining a public Web site, and focus on the more profitable
enterprise market. The Northern Light spider will continue to maintain and
update its index of over 350 million web pages.

Ina related news, Northern Light was recently bought out by company named
Devine, Inc.. See press release at:

Rumor also has it that Northern Light is in talks with Yahoo to provide its
library to Yahoo visitors.


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5- AOL Search and Ask Jeeves Change Database Providers

AOL switched its search results to Inktomi database quietly. Previously, AOL
Search was using the search database from Open Directory (,
which it owns. It is a shame to see the biggest provider of Open Directory and
it's owner switch to a different search engine. AOL must think that Inktomi is
returning better results. We still think Open Directory is an important
directory to be listed in, since it provides data to hundreds other search
engines and also will improve your link popularity. To submit your site to
Open Directory, please visit, find the appropriate category for your
site and click on "Add URL" on the top left.

In similar news, Ask Jeeves switched its results to database provided by
Teoma (, which it acquired recently. Previously, Ask Jeeves was
using DirectHit results, which it also owns.


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6- How To Write To Persuade
By John Colanzi

I'm sure you've seen those ads that grab your attention and have you ready
to pull out your wallet or credit card. They are literally making you an offer
you can't refuse.

Don't you wish your ads were that persuasive?

Are the marketers who wrote these ads natural born writers, or is there a
formula that you can learn?

Writing to persuade is a skill that can be learned, like any other skill.
It's just a matter of breaking down the process into four simple steps.

Step # 1.

The first step in writing your killer sales letter is to identify your
target market.
This seems simple enough, but how many marketers do it?
When reading some of the ads I get in my inbox, I have to wonder.

I don't want to burst your bubble, but the truth is, not everyone on the
planet is a prospect. Concentrate on those who are.

Before you begin your ad campaign identify your target audience.

Step # 2.

Once you've identified your target market determine what their major
problems are.

* Do they need more money?
* Do they need to save time?
* Are they interested in improving their health?

Sit down and determine every problem that your prospects have and decide how
your product or service can help solve their problems.

There is no shortage of problems, but there is a shortage of problem
solvers. Start thinking in terms of becoming a problem solver and you'll always be in
OK, you've identified your market, you've determined what problems they
have, now you're ready for the next step.

Step # 3.

The third step in writing your killer copy is to let your prospects know
that there is a solution to their problem. Not only is there a solution to their
problem, but you have the solution.

Remember these three magic words, "I can help."

Identifying the problem is not enough. You have to show the reader that
there is a solution and you have it.

Tell them every benefit they will get when they order your product or take
advantage of your service.

Let them know you can help them make more money, save time, or improve their

Step # 4.

The final step in creating killer ad copy is getting the prospect to take

Identifying your market, determining their problems and letting them know
you have the solution, is not enough.

You have to make them act.

You have to create a sense of urgency.

There are many ways you can do this. You can offer a special discount for
fast action.

You can offer special fast action bonuses.

Ask for the order.

Let them know they don't have to put up with their problems another day. You
can solve them right now.

These four steps are a basic outline to get you started.

Start studying the sales letters you read and break them down into the four
basic steps. Determine how effective the writer was in covering the bases.

Make notes on how you could improve on the sales letter. Learning to write
persuasive copy is a life long venture.

You can write persuasive copy. You have the basics, the rest is up to you.

Copyright (c) 2001 John Colanzi.
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