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Submit Express Newsletter #50
January 5, 2002


1- Intro
2- Search Engine Review 2001
3- AltaVista's Top Searched Words of 2001
4- Top 20 Most Searched Words from WordTracker
5- The Lycos 50 - Top Searched Keyword Tracker


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1- Intro

The year 2001 was truly an incredible year in terms of changes and
growth within the major search engines and directories. Partnerships
that were solidified over the course of 2001 created interesting and
amazing opportunities for companies to expand their e- marketing
horizons. Aside from how these changes impacted advertisers and
consumers, they have dramatically helped to stabilize the engines

Many companies interested in marketing themselves found new avenues to
explore while some found that there were fewer opportunities available.
2001 will surely go down as the year pay per click advertising sprung
to life. Even with PPC engines abounding, traditional engines are still
alive and kicking.

In this special edition of the Submit Express newsletter, we are going
to provide a summary of changes that have impacted the major engines
and directories in 2001. We hope that you find these tid-bits helpful.

We are also publishing a short article and some stats submitted by
AltaVista, which contains the most searched names and words of 2001. On
a similar note, we decided to include some stats from WordTracker for
the top 20 most searched keywords. We will also tell you about a site
from Lycos that keeps track of the 50 most searched keywords at Lycos
and offers other interesting stats.

Feel free to forward this email to all your friends that have websites
who may benefit from this information.

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2- Search Engine Review 2001

>>>> / <<<<<

Overture wins the award for the "Most Activity" for 2001. Overture has
undergone so many changes and so much growth that an entire book could
be written on the subject. Goto jumped onto the search engine scene in
1997. Their program was unique as it was the first bid-for-placement
platform online. This unique program has been a true equalizer for
Internet marketers as the real-time bidding process has enabled small
business to compete with major companies and corporations on all levels
within their system. The most recent and perhaps the most significant
changes that have occurred in the past 12 months are mostly related to
Overture's search results being displayed on AltaVista, AOL, Lycos,
Netscape and Yahoo. Overture's actions and positioning strategy have
boosted them from the middle ranks, to the top of the search engine
food chain in a very short period of time.

If you are not an Overture advertiser, you can signup from the below
link and receive a $5 bonus:

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Yahoo Partners with Overture to offer Pay-per-click Keyword
Advertising - Nov. 2001

>>>>> Yahoo <<<<<

In 2001, Yahoo made several of the most dramatic changes since its
inception. For starters, Yahoo followed Looksmart, increasing its
business express option from $199 to $299. Shortly after this price
jump, Yahoo changed its entire ranking algorithm. In place of the
lengthy category listings, Yahoo now applies more emphasis to its "Web
SITE matches", not to be confused with "Web PAGE matches" which are
actually supplied by Google. There clearly remains a strong emphasis
on the website title as well as the description in determining a
particular URL's relevancy, and thus its ranking. Despite all of these
changes, Yahoo is still the Internet's most popular web search portal,
and approximately 25% of all web search traffic is derived from its
website. Yahoo's dominance allows it's $299 URL submission price to be
the best value on the Internet for driving qualified traffic to
websites, and in the upcoming year we do not expect to see Yahoo fall
from its thrown.

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>>>>> Google <<<<<

Google continues to gain market share and is rapidly becoming the most
popular search property on the Internet by overpowering Yahoo.
Google's immense popularity stems from the unprecedented relevancy of
its search results. In 2001 we saw Google form a strategic partnership
with Yahoo, supplying Yahoo's secondary search results. Recently we
also saw Google introduce a new component of user-controlled
interactivity whereby individual users may vote for or against a
particular site. Although Google says that this does not influence
website rankings as of yet, we believe that this new technology will be
implemented in the ranking algorithm in 2002. The primary component of
Google's ranking algorithm continues to be its proprietary link
popularity technology, and we must agree that this technology works
incredibly well. Google's results are unparalleled, and we believe
that in 2002 Google will continue to solidify its dominance of the top-
tier search engine industry.

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>>>>> Lycos <<<<<

Lycos has undergone many significant changes in 2001 that have been
well received by advertisers and readers alike. One of the biggest
changes was a much-needed cosmetic facelift. Positive changes to the
search results also emerged as a formal partnership with FAST was
solidified. Lycos also provides sponsorship results from Overture and
Kanoodle. Lycos is a truly global entity as they are fueling 43
countries with information and services through 180 portals and search

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>>>>> Looksmart <<<<<

Looksmart submissions continue to be a critical component to a
successful search engine optimization. In 2001 we witnessed
Looksmart's price increase from $199 to $299. However, we believe that
this is still an outstanding value given Looksmart's prominent
relationship with search engines such as MSN & the Inktomi database.
We will continue to encourage all of our clients to obtain a Looksmart
listing into 2002, and we are likely to see Looksmart acquire
additional partnerships in order to make its own directory more

To submit your site to LookSmart please use the below link:

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>>>>> AltaVista <<<<<

In 2001 we saw AltaVista strengthen its partnership with Overture with
the addition of sponsored listings from the pay-per-click service.
Additionally, we saw the introduction of AltaVista's own express submit
service. AltaVista's indexing frequency was significantly diminished
during the year however, and the express submit service will hopefully
be a welcome answer to this recent deficiency. Hopefully, with the
increased revenues from Express Submissions, AltaVista will be able to
maintain its position as a worthwhile contribution to the search engine
industry. The most interesting change with AltaVista was its addition
of Submission Puzzle. AltaVista added a graphical code to its
submission page to decrease spam it receives via automated scripts.

AltaVista Express Inclusions can be done from the below link:

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>>>>> FAST-All The Web <<<<<

FAST could very easily become the next big "smart" search engine
contender in 2002. Since it's inception in 1997, it has expanded its
Internet territory and following. In 2001, FAST was acknowledged by
Computer World magazine as one of the top 100 emerging companies. Aside
from that, they have been praised by some of the world's most
prestigious publications including ZD Net, PC World among others.
FAST's partnerships truly give it global appeal to perspective
advertisers. Partnerships solidified in 2001 include: Lycos, Reuters,
E-Bay, T-Online and World Online.

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Fast Search upgrades Search Engine - July 2001

>>>>> Direct Hit <<<<<

Direct Hit had no significant changes during the 2001 year. Its
proprietary click-popularity technology still continues to power search
engines such as MSN, Lycos & Hotbot: This means that Direct Hit remains
a very important component of a successful search engine optimization
campaign. Unfortunately, Direct Hit's indexing frequency has been
rather slow. We are currently tracking index times of up to 10 weeks.
In the upcoming year we hope that Direct Hit will follow its
competitors and introduce an express submission program.

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>>>>> MSN <<<<<

In 2001 MSN grew up. With the recent interface refinements, and a
strong partnership with Looksmart, MSN is a major player in the search
engine industry. We consider MSN to be among the most important search
engines, primarily because of its strong relationship with the web's
most popular browser, Internet Explorer. MSN consistently ranks among
the top 3 most popular search engines in terms of traffic, and we
believe that this will increase as long-time users of Excite migrate to
new search portals.

>>>>> <<<<<

The Open Directory Project has operated under the radar, until now.
With over 40,000 volunteer human editors, DMOZ is quickly becoming the
most powerful Web Directory on the Internet. It is being strengthened
by relationships with search engine giants such as AOL & Netscape. AOL
is the parent company of DMOZ, since it bought Netscape couple of years
ago, which had acquired DMOZ previously. Furthermore, top tier search
engines such as Google are using DMOZ to power the Google Directory.
In 2002 we expect to see DMOZ become a mainstream player in the search
engine industry, whereby the everyday web surfer turns to DMOZ to find
what they're looking for.

>>>>> <<<<<

We believe that is one to watch in 2002. Their editorial
staff is top-notch and they have a solid niche in the search engine
industry. The only major change for 2001 is the addition of Sprinks
pay-per-click listings. This change offers advertisers a very
affordable marketing medium since Sprinks traditionally has
substantially lower bids for keywords when compared with its
competition such as GOTO/Overture. Additionally, the quality of the editor network adds tremendous credibility to the Sprinks
service and we believe that this combination makes deserving
of a good look in the year ahead.


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3- AltaVista's Top Searched Words of 2001

Recently AltaVista sent us a short article with their top 5 most
searched "People's Names", post September 11, 2001. We asked them to
send us some further stats with top 10 most searched keywords of 2001.
Below you will find the article and the stats they sent us.

A- Article as submitted by AltaVista:

Time Magazine named Rudolph Giuliani Man of the Year for 2001 with
kudos on his top-notch crisis management skills and a knack for staying
cool under fire...

But Internet users let their fingers do the talking, revealing that
they prefer mysticism and magic in times of trouble.

Where did we turn for comfort and clues post-September 11? Nostradamus
tops the chart by more than 30% margin. The otherworldly runner-up?
Harry Potter, of course. He may be a newby, but he is already a close
second to ancient prophecy.

Top Five Names Queried on AltaVista post 9/11/2001

Rank Candidate
1. Nostradamus
2. Britney Spears
3. Harry Potter
4. Osama bin Laden
5. George W. Bush

B- Top 10 Most Searched Keywords at AltaVista 2001*

Pre - 9/11
Top Query Terms (in ranking order)
1. mp3
2. chat
3. dvd
4. lyrics
5. warez
6. games
7. pamela anderson
8. britney spears
9. maps
10. crack
11. postales
12. music

Post - 09/11
Top Query Terms (in ranking order)
1. mp3
2. nostradamus
3. cnn
4. lyrics
5. chat
6. Morpheus
7. Games
8. warez
9. world trade center
10. harry potter
11. Britney Spears
12. crack
13. osama bin laden
14. postales

*Note: We were told the list was filtered to exclude adult related
terms and the only term excluded from the above lists was "sex", which
came at number 1 position, both pre and post 9/11.


4- Top 20 Most Searched keywords from WordTracker

We asked our friends at to send us stats for the most
searched words of 2001. Unfortunately, they said that currently they
are only able to provide stats for the last 60 days, but in the near
future they will be adding functionality to search for longer periods.

WordTracker keeps track of the most searched keywords on the major
search engines and provides an online tool to research and find the
best keywords to use for your website. We use their tool on a regular
basis for our clients and highly recommend it for those that are
planning to do their own site optimization. Here is a link to their

Here are the most searched keywords for the last 60 days*:

1 yahoo
2 sex
4 hotmail
5 jokes
7 ebay
8 google
9 lyrics
11 morpheus
12 games
14 dictionary
15 music
16 maps
17 song lyrics
18 mp3
19 warez
20 search engines

*Note: Some people type "yahoo", "", hotmail,
"" and other highly visited websites in the search box
of search engines by mistake.

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5- The Lycos 50 - Top Searched Keyword Tracker

A website from Lycos offers the 50 most searched keywords and some
other interesting stats. The site is located at:

For example the site offers categorized top searched results of 2001
Top Music Groups
Top Men
Top Women
Top Fads
Top News
Top Sports
Top Movies

Please visit the site for more stats.


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