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1 - Intro
2 - Yahoo Submission Tips
3 - Search Engine Placement and Optimization Services
4 - Common reasons why some sites are rejected by search engines
5 - How to find your site in major search engines
6 - New affiliate program - Make money with your site


1 - Intro

Hello and welcome to this month's issue. We are once again happy to be
able to provide you with some very important information such as how to
get your site listed in Yahoo and how to find out if your site is listed
in the top search engines. We will also tell you about some common reasons
why your site may not get accepted by some search engines.

Furthermore, we have a new affiliate program for those who would like to
make some extra bucks on their sites.

Hope you enjoy this month's issue and come back to our site again to
resend your website to search engines for free. You should resend your
site to search engines
every 3 months just to make sure you don't get
dropped out.

Please feel free to forward this email to your friends or anyone who might
be interested. Non-subscribers can join this list for free and many more
opt-in mailing lists at:


2 - Yahoo Submission Tips

Yahoo by far is the biggest search engine and is visited regularly by more
than 40% of the internet users. A listing in Yahoo could boost your site
traffic 10 fold. By now you may have realized how tough it is to get your
listing in Yahoo. Unlike many other search engines that are robot based
and your submission gets listed automatically, Yahoo is 100% human
operated directory, where actual humans will look at the submissions to
decide if your site is worth listing. On top of all that Yahoo does not
even look at the majority of submissions because they are understaffed.
Yahoo has only 300,000 sites listed, where search engines such as
AltaVista or HotBot have more than 100 million sites listed.

Yahoo has some very tough criteria for accepting sites. Here are some do's
and don'ts to make sure your site gets in Yahoo:

1 - Follow all their instructions carefully and read information at
the following pages before submission.

2 - Find the correct category where your site should be listed and do
not submit to any unrelated categories.
3 - For page TITLE only submit your business name or if it's a
non-commercial site, your actual site TITLE. Do not add anything
extra after the TITLE.
4 - When providing a description, be very brief. Do not repeat
anything in the TITLE. Do not use marketing slogans such as,
"We're Number One,".
5 - Make sure you do not have any pages under construction, that
your site is fully functional and all the links work.
6 - Make sure your business address, phone number and email is easily
accessible on your page.
7 - If you don't have an ABOUT PAGE or a section about your business
or who you are, create one.
8 - Make sure your site looks professional and does not use low
quality images or very large slow images.
9 - If your site sells any products or services make sure to have an
online ordering mechanism such as a secure order form or secure
shopping cart system.
10 - If your site is a personal page or non-commercial, make sure to
have unique content that is worth while or interesting and
cannot be found anywhere else.
11 - Make sure your site is up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
12 - Make sure your site supports multiple browsers and capabilities.
(For example, java only sites will not be listed).
13 - Your site must be in the English language
14 - Make sure your site does not already appear in Yahoo
15 - Submit every 3 weeks until you get in
16 - Pray!

If you still can't get in Yahoo, you might want to consider Yahoo's
express submission for businesses
, which costs $200. With this option
Yahoo will guarantee that they will look at your submission within a week,
but will not guarantee that your site will get in. If your site is not
accepted, they will send you an email explaining why and give you a second
chance to fix any problems that you have.

Webmasters get a free home page at:

The Express Page is best known for its user friendly homepage processor
which will create your own professional looking homepage absolutely for
free! You can use the homepage for personal and or business purposes.
Your home page will include graphics, animations, guestbook , counters and
much much more.
If you would like an advertisement such as above in our next newsletter,
please contact us.

3 - Search Engine Placement and Optimization Services

If your site is having problems getting in a certain search engine, let us
know, we can help. If your site is listed but your rankings are very low,
we can also help. We provide guaranteed listing in any search engine or
your money back. We can even guarantee a top 10 placement based on your
keywords in any search engine. Our search engine optimization fees start
as low as $100 and depend on how competitive your keywords are. If you
would like a quote for your site, please send us your site URL and a list
of 10-20 keywords for your site. We will do some research on your
keywords and get back to you with a quote.

Below is a quote from one of our very satisfied customers (a.k.a that was sent to their mailing list subscribers:

"When we started less than two months ago, my site
was a very new venture for me, but with the help of other people, we have
received as many as 1800 hits per day. Wow, that was truly exciting.

As others started to ask, how did we do that, my reply was as follows:

Relevant domain name to what you are selling
Selecting merchandise that is in demand
Priced lower than in the stores
Exclusivity or something that is not readily found in all stores
Good web page design
Getting professional help for search engine optimization
Traffic. Traffic. Traffic.

We were lucky to secure the domain name in March, 1999, had a crash
course in web design and selected to optimize the
pages and to submit them to the search engines.

In a matter of days we were on AltaVista, followed by LookSmart, Northern
and several others. One week later we hit the jackpot when we were
picked up by Excite, not once, not twice, but five times in the top ten.

We stayed there for weeks until our internet provider's server went down
and when Excite could not find the site, we lost our position. Since then
SubmitExpress has resubmitted the site and we are gaining traffic on a
daily basis.

If you want to drive traffic to your site—OPTIMIZE IT and in our opinion
and personal experience no one can do it better than

You may have the greatest web site in the world, but what good is it if
people do not visit it.

People cannot visit your site unless they know it exists.

To succeed, you must use all the resources available on the web to tell
about your site and that it is open for business.

We can't tell you the joy one gets to have a site get that many hits every
day, and it's all available to you, too, by enlisting SubmitExpress to do
the same for you."

We must add that right after the above statement was made by, we were able to get their site in Yahoo and Infoseek with very good rankings. You can find more details on our search engine optimization services at:

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4 - Common reasons why some sites are rejected by search engines

People ask us all the time how to verify if their site gets listed in the
search engines and if our free 40 search engine submission service really
works. Below we will tell you how you can check some search engines to
see if your site is listed, but you should also know that not all the
sites submitted are accepted by all the search engines as each search
engine may have a different acceptance criteria.

Here are some common reasons why your site may be rejected:

1 - You typed in the wrong URL, such as leaving out the "www"
2 - Some personal sites and free hosted sites such as those at AOL,
Geocities, Xoom, TheGlobe, Tripod, and AngelFire or any site with
"~" in their paths will have very tough time getting listed.
Some search engines such as Excite, AOL Netfind and Webcrawler
only index 25 sites per domain.
3 - Your page uses FRAMES, but you do not have a <NOFRAMES> section.
4 - You use invisible text or text which is the same color as your
background. This is considered spamming.
5 - Your keywords are repeated too many times, separated by commas.
This is also considered spamming.
6 - You are using very tiny text.
7 - Your site was down when the search engine tried to visit it and
index it.
8 - You have too many sites listed (more than 25) or you submit your
site too often.
9 - Your page uses META Redirections or another redirection method.
10 - Your URL contains characters such as "?" or "&".
11 - Your site is dynamically generated via ASP, CGI or another method.
12 - Some search engines take as long as 2-4 weeks to list your site.

If your site does not have any of the above problems but you are still not
listed, contact us and we will take a look to see what we can do for you.
We offer free advice with every 800+ search engine submission order (Only
$24.95). We will analyze your site before submission and send you a
report of all the problems with your site and what you can do to improve
your rankings. Please visit below URL for more details:


5 - How to find your site in major search engines

Here is how you can find your listing in some major search engines:

***AltaVista and Infoseek:

In the search box type "url:" and then your URL starting from the part
right after the "www". For example if your URL is:
You should type:

*** Lycos:

Go to the following page and type your full URL:

*** HotBot and MSN Search:

Type your URL in the following way (starting with "domain:"):

One or 2 links from will be displayed. Click on "this site
only" to see more.

Type in your domain or URL without the http:// such as:

This may also bring up pages linking to you, but if you go through all of
them you will find out if your site is there. Also, try looking for
unique words that appear on your site.

*** Yahoo:

There is no easy way except by typing some words that appear in your URL
or site TITLE and then looking for your site.


6- New affiliate program - Make money with your site

Do you have your own Web site... one that gets at least a few hundred
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** What Is This Affiliate Program? **

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** YES! I'm Interested In Joining! How Do I Sign-up? **

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