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Submit Express Newsletter #23
May 15, 2000
  1-    Intro
  2-    Raging Search: A New Search Engine by AltaVista
  3-    Testimonials
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1- Intro

In the past couple of months our website has experienced several
downtimes or slow response times due to our web space provider going though some infrastructure upgrades. Although Digiweb
has promised us that they are improving their services and that we would
not see such problems anymore, we have decided to go with a dedicated
server and will be moving to a new hosting provider very soon.  We have
experienced very poor customer service with Digiweb, and as a result of
all the nightmares we have had with them, we do not recommend Digiweb to
any of our visitors.  We apologize for any problems any of you may have

In this issue, you will find details about AltaVista's new search engine
at called Raging Search.  We have tested this new search
engine and are very impressed with the results. It is a very fast bare
bones search engine with no banner advertisements.

Feel free to forward this email to all your friends that have websites
who may benefit from this information.

Subscription is completely free and can be obtained at:

Submit Express

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name.  This will improve your rankings in the search engines as most
major search engines rank root URLs higher than sub-pages.  Also, many
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2- Raging Search: A New Search Engine by AltaVista

AltaVista has announced a brand new search engine at
called Raging Search.  Raging Search is a slimmed down and faster
version of AltaVista Search, which does not display any advertising
banners and does not include the portal related content such as news,
which is available on

Raging Search is in response to the needs of many search engine purists
who wanted a faster bare bones search engine and were turning to other
search engines such as for such needs.

Raging Search uses the same exact index used by AltaVista Search and has
350 million sites.  The index of websites were collected by indexing 1.2
billion sites originally and then trimming it down to 350 million pages
by deleting duplicates, low quality and spam pages.

However, the ranking algorithm used at Raging Search differs from the
one used at AltaVista Search. Raging Search has a more sophisticated
ranking algorithm, and it appears that it is using some of the ranking
criteria we announced in our April 17th issue.

As you recall, we announced that AltaVista was planning to change its
ranking algorithm very soon.  However, at this point it appears that
AltaVista has still not implemented all the planned algorithm changes.
AltaVista will be using Raging Search as a test bed for its future
enhancements to AltaVista Search. For those that do their own search
engine optimization, we highly recommend that you monitor your rankings
on Raging Search on a regular basis, so that you can stay on top of what
changes will be coming soon to AltaVista Search.  By doing this, you
will be ahead of your competition and have a better chance to position
yourself early.

Raging Search combines many different factors to find the best matches,
including text relevance and link popularity analysis. Text relevance
searches every Web page for exactly the words you enter. Many factors
enter into text relevance, such as how important the words are on the
page, how many times the words appear, where on the page they appear,
and how many other pages contain those words.

Link popularity analysis uses the many connections from one page to
another to rank the quality and/or usefulness of each page. In other
words, if many Web pages are linking to a page X, then page X is
considered a high-quality page. In this way, Raging Search technology
uses the judgment of actual people across the Web to improve rankings.
These and a few other factors will decide how a page is ranked on Raging

Although, Raging Search will not have any banner advertising, some text
advertising and AltaVista partner site links may still be found on the
bottom of the search results page.

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3- Testimonials

Last week, - one of our new search engine optimization
clients - sent us the following testimonial:

"Thank you very much for your absolutely fantastic service. We are
delighted with the work that you have done. You promised us 2-8 weeks,
but after just 4 days we were at the top of YAHOO. Today, 5 days after
you optimized our site, we received enquiries from the United States for
tickets in our home city, London. We will recommend you to all our
Our best wishes from London. 
Bob and Tony"

Since we started Submit Express back in 1998, we have received many
testimonials from our customers regarding our search engine submission
and optimization services.  We have placed few of them on our site at:

If you are a past visitor or customer who has benefited from our free or
premium services, please send us your testimonial. We will choose the
best testimonials and put them up on our site with a link back to yours.

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