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Submit Express Newsletter #43
May 1, 2001


1- Intro
2- Tips for Ezine Publishers
3- NBCi to Shut Down
4- Excite Teams up with FindWhat for Sponsored Listings
5- More Changes at AltaVista and Paid Text Ads


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1- Intro

Last month was a pretty quite month in the search engine world so we
skipped publishing the mid-month issue of the newsletter. In this issue
we bring you the latest news from NBCi, Excite and AltaVista.  NBCI is
shutting down, while both Excite and AltaVista are trying to survive by
adding advertising services. 

In this issue you will also find a must read article if you are an
ezine publisher or are planning to start your own ezine.

Feel free to forward this email to all your friends that have websites
who may benefit from this information.

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Pierre Zarokian
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2- Tips for Ezine Publishers

By Azam Corry

Every ezine publisher is looking for ways grow their title's
subscriber base. One free option is much under-used, yet done
properly, brings continual results.

Registering at ezine directories is a simple way to recruit
subscribers. You won't receive hundreds, or even tens of new
sign-ups a day from most of these sites, but they shouldn't be
ignored, especially if you're operating on a budget.

The thing is, although you might not get many subscribers per
day, your listing is permanent. If your publication appears at
enough directories, over the course of a year it can mean
hundreds, possibly thousands of new subscribers. All free.

In addition, many sites allow you to include your Web site URL.
Those which use static, as opposed to dynamically generated pages
(which aren't indexed by search engines), will improve your
site's link popularity, and thus its search engine position.

Still, for it to be really worthwhile, you want to be able to
list your ezine quickly and easily in as many directories as
possible. The key to speed is preparation.

Before you go online, open a new text file. This wants to be a
plain text file, not a Word document. In it write:

* Two versions of the title of your ezine or newsletter.

   A short one at 50 characters or less (simply the name of the
   ezine). A longer title of up to 100 characters, incorporating
   several of your most important keywords.

* Three versions of your ezine description.

   A full description of up 250 characters, another of up to 200
   characters, and one of just 150 characters. Emphasize the
   benefits of subscribing, and use your most important keywords,
   adding more as space permits.

   As some directories allow the use of HTML commands in the
   description field, you might want to prepare a duplicate of
   each using HTML formatting for added impact.

* A list of up to 15 keywords relevant to your publication.

   These are words and short phrases you want searchers to find
   your ezine under. Again, different directories set different
   size limits. Some allow only 5 keywords, others, 6, 8, 10, 12,
   or 15. It's therefore essential when composing your list, that
   you order it in relation to keyword importance.

   Start with your most important keyword, and work your way down,
   with the least relevant word or phrase last. Separate terms
   with commas, and avoid line breaks or carriage returns.

* The main URL of your Web site.
* The URL to your Ezine information/sign-up page.
* The URL to a sample issue (if you have one).
* The URL to ezine archives (if you have any).
* The email address used to subscribe.
* The email address used to unsubscribe.
* The approximate number of subscribers.
* Your full name
* Company/Organization name.
* A contact email address that may be published online.
* A private contact email address (not to be published).

No single directory will request all this information. But since
you'll need different elements for different directories, it
makes sense to keep all the details in one place.

Below are 44 places you can list your ezine:

Open your new file to copy and paste the required information
into each form. Get a multiple clipboard utility and you'll save
even more time.

[I recommend shareware CopyPaste .
Besides many other useful features, it provides you with 100
clipboards which can be saved through restarts].

There you have it! Though it may take a while to prepare your
information file, once done, you'll breeze through the
submissions. I'm sure you'll agree, a few hours work is worth it
to plug-in a never-ending, free subscriber feed!

© 2001 Azam Corry "Do it Better. Do it Faster. Do it Right!"



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3- NBCi to Shut Down

NBC the parent company of NBCi announced that it would shut down and acquire the assets of NBCi.  The content will be
integrated with NBC owned sites. However, it is not clear if the search
engine and directory services will be available.

As of today, we have not seen any changes to the site and it
is not clear when the shut down date is.  It is possible that they are
waiting for all the paid banner ads to run out before they shut down.

You can read the details at:


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4- Excite Teams up with FindWhat for Sponsored Listings

In a surprise news, Excite and pay-per-click search engine
teamed up to offer paid listings on Excite.

While many of the major search engines have teamed up with GOTO to
offer sponsored listings, Excite decided to go with a lesser-known
player FindWhat.

The top 3 results from FindWhat are already being displayed after the
regular top 10 search results of Excite. A link labeled "More Sponsored
Links." also appears after the 3 FindWhat listings that will take you
directly to the FindWhat site, where more paid listings are displayed.
On occasion, FindWhat's top listing may appear above the 10 results
provided directly by Excite.

In addition, the top 3 results are displayed on every single page of
Excite on the bottom, when you click on "next Page."
If you are not a FindWhat advertiser already, we recommend to sign up
for their services at


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5- More Changes at AltaVista and Paid Text Ads

AltaVista is now displaying sponsored links before the regular search
results. The first sponsored link now comes from AltaVista's own sales,
rather than GOTO. Then a second listing appears, which is the top
result from GOTO. 

You can tell the difference from where the ads are coming from, if you
hold the mouse over the ad link and look at the URL. You will see that
the ad the first ad is being tracked with DoubleClick URL, which is
AltaVista's ad sales partner and the 2nd ad has a GOTO reference in

We do not have the details for advertising with DoubleClick yet, but it
is assumed that this is CPM based advertising similar to banners.
Minimum amount to sign up for AltaVista banner services is $2000.

We also noticed that AltaVista does not display numbered search results
anymore. This could be to hide the fact that some of the results are
from paid advertisers.


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