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Submit Express Newsletter #48
November 1, 2001


1- Intro
2- Yahoo Changes its Ranking Results!
3- Lycos in the Spotlight
4- AltaVista Lay Offs Continue
5- GOTO Changes Name to Overture!
6- .BIZ and .INFO Domains have been launched!


           .BIZ and .INFO Domains have been launched!

Real-time registration for .info started October 1st and .biz started
just a few days ago on Nov. 7th. Unlike .com, there is still lot's of
good domains available.  This is the most exciting development in
domain name world, since more than a year ago when 67 character domains
were released.  New Top Level Domains had not been released for over 10
years!!!  Thousands of domains are being registered daily. Hurry up and
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(See full story below in Section 6)

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1- Intro

There has been a lot of exciting news and changes in the world of
search engine placement over the past few weeks. Major changes have
occurred with Yahoo, Lycos, FAST All The Web and GOTO (now Overture).
These changes have made it a pretty exciting time for all users and
advertisers of these services.

Not only have these changes affected the way that people are presented
search results, but they will equally change the way that advertisers
will be doing business in 2002.

Aside from changes that directly affect the above-mentioned engines,
there have been some very serious changes within both Excite@Home and
AltaVista. Dwindling ad revenues have forced Excite@Home to file for
bankruptcy as we mentioned in our last newsletter, while AltaVista has
announced further layoffs.

In this newsletter, we will discuss what we consider to be the most
significant changes which are Yahoo's new format for search results, as
well as the recent changes within Lycos and their new partnership with
FAST Search (

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2- Yahoo Changes its Ranking Results!

During the past month Yahoo made some of the most significant changes
in its search results since its inception. Gone are the lengthy pages
of categories at the top of the search results.  Although matching
category links still remain on the first page of search results, these
links are limited to only five results.  In order to view the remainder
of the relevant categories, Yahoo surfers must now click on the "Next"
link to the far right of the Category Matches heading.

In place of the lengthy category listings, Yahoo is applying more
emphasis on its "Web SITE matches", not to be confused with "Web PAGE
matches" which are actually supplied by Google.  Yahoo's web site
matches are URLs that have been reviewed by Yahoo's team of reviewers. 
There clearly remains a strong emphasis on the website title as well as
the description in determining a particular URL's relevancy, and thus
its ranking.  Now that Yahoo has made this dramatic modification to its
search results, choosing the proper Yahoo category may be less
important than writing keyword rich descriptions. 

Furthermore, Yahoo is continuing to track click through popularity. 
This means that the more unique visitors that click on your website,
the more popular Yahoo perceives it, and so the more likely that
particular website is to rank higher. 

Finally, Yahoo applied a numbering system to its search results.  We
believe that this addition makes it easier for web surfers to visit a
given website, and then return back to the Yahoo search results to pick
up where they left off.  

We will continue to follow Yahoo's changes very closely.  We still
believe Yahoo to be a dominant player in terms of search engine
positioning, and at $299 per URL submission ($600 for adult sites), one
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3- Lycos In The Spotlight

Lycos has recently undergone some significant positive changes to its
search features as well as the layout and look of its home page. The
new layout is very orderly and easy to navigate and the search results
are perhaps more relevant than they've been in years.

For the past few years, Lycos had transformed themselves from a
dominating search engine force, to an irrelevant jumbled mess. While
the engine remained one of the top-rated engines, the search results
were some of the worst in the industry with database updates few and
far between. 

The major change aside from aesthetics is their new search result
partner - FAST Search.  Recent improvements FAST Search has made in the
past few months have made it an extremely strong contender in the
relevancy race.

The "Web Results" area is where you will find crawler-based listings
provided by the FAST network. However, if Lycos has its own content
relevant to your search, this may appear as the number one listing and
is noted as "From The Lycos Network.

Paid listings are placed at the top of the page as "Featured Listings,"
then also often placed into the "Popular" area, then usually inserted
again as another "Featured Listings" detour in the middle of the
editorial results.

Lycos is still making use of human-compiled information from the Open
Directory, but users are given access to this now through category
links that appears below the crawler-based results, within the
"Categories" section at the bottom of the results page.

You'll usually see three paid listings from Overture at the top of the
results page, which are well identified by the new "Sponsored Search
Listings" heading. There is now a clear definition between traditional
search results versus paid listings.

We are thrilled that these changes have occurred and will be watching
with anticipation as Lycos makes their climb back towards the top. The
company has just released their third quarter numbers and has announced
a 24 percent increase from second quarter numbers for 2001. Lycos
serves an average of 481 million page views daily.



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4- AltaVista Lay Offs Continue

Alta Vista, which was once touted as the industry's leading spider-
based search engine has recently announced that it will be laying off
nearly one-third of its staff.

Alta Vista has been experiencing financial woes since the end of 1999.
In January of 2001, Alta Vista laid off over 200 employees from its
northern California headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

The Company also named a new chief executive officer, James Barnett,
formerly of president of


5- GOTO Changes Name to Overture!

As we mentioned previously, GOTO was planning to change its name due to
similarities of the name with other companies and lawsuit from
Go2Networks.  They finally announced their name change and the change
went in effect last month. The new name is "Overture."

Although, Overture is not name as catchy as GOTO was, Overture does not
expect to loose any business because of it.  Overture's main source of
revenue is due to its partnerships with other major search engines such
as AOL Search, AltaVista, HotBot, Lycos and Netscape. In fact, Overture
also announced their first profitable quarter last month and their
stock price skyrocketed over 30% after a surprise earnings report of
better than expected earnings.

You can see more news about this story at the links below:


6- .BIZ and .INFO Domains have been launched!

Real-time registration for .info started October 1st and .biz started
just a few days ago on Nov. 7th. Unlike .com, there is still lot's of
good domains available.  This is the most exciting development in
domain name world, since more than a year ago when 67 character domains
were released.  New Top Level Domains had not been released for over 10
years!!!  Thousands of domains are being registered daily and good
domains are going fast. As an example, we just registered the following
domains, which were still available:

You can visit link below to search and register .biz and .info domains
from our sister site:

As you may know both .biz and .info had a pre-registration phase, where
many names were chosen by a lottery. However, there is a legal issue
with the .biz domains. There is a lawsuit against NeuLevel, the .biz
registrar, claiming that the lottery was conducted in an illegal
fashion, since lotteries are illegal in California. A judge decided to
put a hold on domains that more than once person has applied for until
a future court decision.  You can read more about this story below:


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