Testimonials Part II

Below are some testimonials from some very satisfied clients. Please undertsand that we proetct our client's identities for privacy reasons, so website addresses are not provided. However, actual URL's and references would be provided per request to qualified candidates.

"For a long time I had been interested in a search engine submission/placement service, but had been very skeptical of many of the companies in the industry. I came across Submit Express, and figured I'd give them a call to see why they might be different than any of the other companies making these claims. I am glad I did. Unlike many of their competitors, Submit Express has intelligent people working on your submissions, all by hand! I can reach my account representative easily, and he frequently updates me about the changing search engine environment, and my site's progress. My link density overall linkages has increased substantially since starting with Submit Express. They keep the traffic coming, and at a very reasonable cost!"

Client would like to stay anonymous
Category: Internet Monitoring Software


"Submit Express quickly got my webpages in the top ten on many of the major search engines. They were helpful, prompt to respond to my questions, always courteous, and very efficient!! I would highly recommend their services."

Marilyn J. Sorensen, Ph.D.
Category: Medical Institute


"I am writing this e-mail to let you and your organization, Submit Express, know that you have done an excellent job with your search engine submission services for my company, Fresh Choice Seafood.com, Inc. At first, I was reluctant due to the costs associated with the submission process. However, your services have proved to be very beneficial as our unique number of customers have more than doubled since engagement. I have also been very impressed with the responsiveness of yourself and the technical team. Thanks again."

Erik C. Popham
Category: Seafood


"Thanks... You guys are great! By the way, the #1 ranking for Musica Latina on AOL - that's huge! Great job!"

Juan P. Arvelo
President & CEO
Category: Latin Music CD's


"Like many other small e-business owners, I try to stretch the dollar as far as possible by doing things myself. Getting listed on search engines was not going well so I looked around for a good deal from a professional service. The only one I found with guaranteed results was Submit Express, so you were the logical choice. And what a great choice it was! You have put my site at or near the top of several major search engines and have shown you know how to keep it there. Over the last six months, traffic has increased by a factor of five and sales have increased by a factor of three. There is only one thing left to say, "THANK YOU!"

Rick Fletcher
Category: Golf Clubs


"Submit Express has been a blessing in disguise! Since we have used their services we have more than doubled the targeted traffic to our web site. The results have been staggering and it has been by far the best advertising money we have spent. There service is outstanding and their employees are both full of knowledge and very friendly. We have sent Submit Express several client sites to rank, the results have been outstanding and there has been no complaints by the either my staff or my customers!"

John Lee
Category: Web Design


"I just wanted to thank you for the amazing results that you have created. Our web site was receiving about 500 - 600 sessions per week before your optimization and search engine placement. The first week after your services were completed we had 1800 sessions, and a week after that we had 2400 sessions. We are receiving a ton more quotes to respond to through our email. This is great. Thanks Again. "

Scott Mack
Category: Lumber Products


"I couldn't believe how good my position is on Google! Thanks so much."

Earl Carter
Category: Advertising


"We used SubmitExpress to optimize our search engine traffic. Optimization was begun in late February and everything uploaded and submitted to search engines by mid-March, I believe. By the 3rd week in March we were beginning to see results coming from the search engines. Yahoo was first up. Now, in mid-April we are seeing over 200 site visitors per day - and still climbing. Most come from Yahoo, MSN and AOL. Our ratings on the major search engines put us in the top 10 for many searches."

Ken Allsopp
Category: TV Advertising


"We surveyed 10 top search engine marketing companies before choosing Submit Express. It was a difficult process that took nearly 60 days to accomplish. Submit Express did what they said they were going to do in a timely and cost effective manner. After six months of service, we have generated over $500,000 in new business as a result of their efforts. Not bad for an investment of $5,000.00. This is the best advertising we've ever done. I highly recommend their services."

Bob Regender
Category: Software


On Behalf of our company I would like to thank you on your very successful completion of improving our ranking on the majority of the major WWW internet search engines. Not only have our rankings improved but so has traffic across and into our company's website.

Your team completed the required modifications and delivered what Submit Express Promised it would. Often times, this is not the case in contemporary business and we would like to congratulate you on having such a conscientious skilled company.

Marshall Burke
Category: Robotics


"Submit Express offers a standalone Search Engine Optimization Product with impressive results!

The home page for Submit Express shows that it puts its money where its mouth is. With a guarantee that customers' sites will appear in the top ten of most major search engines (and evidence that Submit Express did it for itself), where is the competition?"

Jayne W. Miller
Patricia Seybold Group


I would like to thank you personally for your help in optimizing our website. All of your promises were carried through and it is an absolute pleasure to do business with your company. Since you optimized our website we were found by holidayautos.com, the largest car rental broker in the world and have recently signed a partnership agreement with them for our car hire page. In fact, we are receiving constant media attention and our daily hit rate has increased tenfold.


Yours sincerely,
Miguel Camacho
Chief Executive Officer
UK Motors


We chose Submit Express to help us optimize our websites. So far the service we have received has been excellent. The staff has been very efficient and co-operative with all of our requests and our Rep Pedro Zarokian has been very attentive as well as helpful to all of our needs.

Submit Express has strategically optimized the effectiveness of our websites and substantially increased our traffic. We are happy with our choice to use Submit Express for our website needs.

Debra Deir
VP sales and Marketing
Category: 800 Vanity Numbers


Thank you very much for your absolutely fantastic service. We are delighted with the work that you have done. You promised us 2-8 weeks but after just 4 days we were at the top of YAHOO. Today, 5 days after you optimized our site, we received inquiries from the United States for tickets in our home city, London. We will recommend you to all our friends immediately. MANY, MANY, MANY THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT WORK AGAIN. Our best wishes from London.

Bob and Tony
Category: Concert Tickets UK


Thank you very much for doing a good job. I think your company is excellent when it comes to search engine positioning. Keep it up!

Thank You,
Heemanshu Waya
Category: Jewelry


When we started less than two months ago, my site was a very new venture for me, but with the help of other people, we have received as many as 1800 hits per day. Wow, that was truly exciting.

As others started to ask, how did we do that, my reply was as follows:

Relevant domain name to what you are selling
Selecting merchandise that is in demand
Priced lower than in the stores
Exclusivity or something that is not readily found in all stores
Good web page design
Getting professional help for search engine optimization

We were lucky to secure the domain name in March, 1999, had a crash course in web design and selected www.submitexpress.com to optimize the pages and to submit them to the search engines.

In a matter of days we were on AltaVista, followed by LookSmart, Northern Light and several others. One week later we hit the jackpot when we were picked up by Excite, not once, not twice, but five times in the top ten.

We stayed there for weeks until our internet provider's server went down and when Excite could not find the site, we lost our position. Since then SubmitExpress has resubmitted the site and we are gaining traffic on a daily basis.

If you want to drive traffic to your site—OPTIMIZE IT and in our opinion and personal experience no one can do it better than www.submitexpress.com

You may have the greatest web site in the world, but what good is it if people do not visit it.

People cannot visit your site unless they know it exists.

To succeed, you must use all the resources available on the web to tell about your site and that it is open for business.

We can't tell you the joy one gets to have a site get that many hits every day, and it's all available to you, too, by enlisting Submit Express to do the same for you".

Ivars Rozentals
Category: T-shirts


I just wanted to let you know that I am totally thrilled with the results SubmitExpress has done for our website. I can't even put a price tag on what you have done for the business! I want to tell all my friends about it, but maybe I should just keep it a secret???

Thanks again,
Category: DJ



"What we paid Submit Express is some of the best money we've spent on the Web site. Those pages are still ranking very high. Our log files show they are getting hit every day."

Rooty Van Overen

"Thanks for the update. It must be satisfying to see your work get direct results like that. We at EXP Software appreciate your efforts. Keep up the good work".

Rooty Van Overen

"Looks like you were successful in getting us the listing in Yahoo!. Thanks for your good work".

Rooty Van Overen
Category: Manufacturing Software


"Thanks to Submit Express' registration service my ranking in AltaVista went from obscure to no.1. My company, Knurr USA, makes enclosures for electronics and technical workstations. As I write this we are no. 1 in AltaVista for "enclosures", "technical workstations", "electronics racks", and even "technical racks". My boss loves it, our salesmen love it, it can only help our company grow. My warmest thanks to Pierre Zarokian and the team at Submit Express. I promised Pierre a bottle of wine as a token of my appreciation ...".

Charles Poirier
Category: Electronics Enclosures


I would like to thank you for your service in improving our position in web search engines. I just checked Excite (our web statistics indicate this is the search engine that sends the most new visitors to our site). Of the key words (phrases) that you optimized we were first in one category, second in two, third in one and several others were in the top 10 or 20. I am really happy since I personally use Excite quite a bit. All of the other popular search engines like yahoo, alta vista, hotbot etc. also showed a great deal of improvement in hits coming to our site. I am very pleased with Submit Express and would recommend your service to anyone who is interested in search engine optimization. I will have some additional work to discuss with you in the near future.

Good job!
Chuck Marken,
Category: Solar Equipment



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