Matt Cutts, Senior Engineer at Google to Discuss SEO

Austin, Texas - October 28, 2005 - Google's lead senior engineer, and search engine optimization expert, Matt Cutts, will be interviewed at a morning talk at WebmasterWorld's Search Engine and Internet Marketing Conference, "PubCon," in Las Vegas, November 15 to 17, 2005.

The CEO of WebmasterWorld, Brett Tabke, is scheduled to interview Mr. Cutts with questions generated by senior industry executives, search engine specialists and WebmasterWorld members.

Mr. Tabke commented on the planned event, ''We're going to cover many Google topics including, what can we do to prevent duplicate content issues, the status of the redirect issue, will we ever see more old fashioned updates, or is the dance dead, and what is next for Google? We'll also cover issues related to the latest Google update, named Jagger. Matt's unique style and extensive knowledge will make this session a hit with webmasters.''

Mr. Cutts has been Google's lead webmaster, SEO, and SEM community liaison, and he served as Google's mouthpiece to the search engine optimization and webmaster communities.

WebmasterWorld's conferences and sessions are for anyone involved in Internet Marketing, the Search Engine Industry, the Online Advertising Industry, Affiliates, Webmasters, and any business with an Internet presence.

Mr. Tabke concluded, ''This Las Vegas conference is a must attend event for anyone serious about their Internet presence.''

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