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Watson Search Tool, Gets Personal with Ties to MySpace, Wall Street Journal

Chicago, Illinois - (Cheap Web Hosting Directory) - July 10, 2006 - Intellext is offering a free, fully customizable, Watson search tool, to allow users to choose information sources, creating personalized search tools. Formerly, the customizability was available only in Watson Professional, the licensed version of the proactive search tool. In addition to traditional web search engines, blog search engines, news and shopping sites, users can now also tap into additional sources including networking sites MySpace and LinkedIn, and premium news sites like the Wall Street Journal.

The company is betting that social networking sites will continue to claim an increasing share of search queries, and has adapted Watson to bring the social networking experience to users when they are away from the individual sites. MySpace users can discover and make new connections, as Watson understands what a user is doing online, like checking out a new band or movie, and finds other MySpace users with similar interests. For LinkedIn users, Watson automatically finds people in the user's LinkedIn network, such as when a user is researching a potential customer, proactively presenting networking opportunities the user might not have thought to seek out. In this way Watson grows to become a networking tool, not just a search tool, allowing users to collaborate and stay connected.

Jay Budzik, Inventor of Watson and CTO of Intellext explained, ''So many consumers sent in requests to tie Watson to the information sources they care about, that we decided to make the customization functionality free to all users. Now all users can get the information they want, whether they get their Watson in an ad-supported or paid model.''

In addition to MySpace and LinkedIn, the company has introduced addons for users to search Friendster, The Wall Street Journal, PubMed and blog search engine Feedster, among others. Users can also learn to add additional sources of their own at

Watson Professional remains available for users and enterprises who do not wish to see text advertisements, and who want priority technical and customer support. The products are otherwise identical. Users and enterprises now have a choice between ad-supported, subscription and license models.

In both the free and professional versions, Watson remains the search tool that respects the user's privacy. Intellext does not receive information about what the user is looking at, and does not track the links clicked, or the pages viewed. So, personal information never leaves the user's computer and privacy is completely protected.

Intellext uses contextually-based search technology to serve consumers, business users, enterprises and publishers. Since launching in early 2005, Watson has received awards from Gartner and KMWorld Magazine, the prestigious Chicago Innovation Award, and recognition from PC Magazine, the San Jose Mercury News, Boston Globe, CBS News, Red Herring, the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune.

Watson is an intelligent search tool that frees computer users from the search box. The application analyzes the context of what users are doing on their computers and proactively finds relevant information from preferred desktop search applications like the MSN Search Toolbar, search engines, news sites, shopping sites, blogs, research services, and corporate knowledge and document management systems. Results are delivered to the user's desktop in a non-intrusive sidebar.

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