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Submit Express Newsletter #42
April 1, 2001


1- Intro
2- Internet World Convention Highlights (Includes news about and Inktomi)
3- in now GOTO!
4- AltaVista Submission Page Changes


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1- Intro

You may have noticed that we skipped the March 15th issue of the Submit
Express newsletter. The staff was incredibly busy manning our booth at
the Internet World Convention on March 14-16 in Los Angeles, and we
were unable to meet our deadline. We really enjoyed seeing all of our
clients from around the country. The show was exciting, fun and
informative. We want to take this opportunity to bring you some
highlights from the show as well as introduce you to some great
companies and products. Make sure to read it as it includes some
important first hand info on Inktomi ranking criteria.

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Submit Express web site.
We are happy with the new site design and we have added many new
features for your use and enjoyment.  If you have not seen our brand
new site, please make sure to check it out and tell us what you think.

We have also increased the number of search engines we submit to via
our paid service. We now submit to over 75,000 search engines,
directories and links pages. For details please see: 

Feel free to forward this email to all your friends that have websites
who may benefit from this information.

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Pierre Zarokian
President, Submit Express


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2- Internet World Convention Highlights

The Internet World Convention took place in Los Angeles, our hometown,
on March 14-16.  We have always enjoyed going to the shows but this
year we decided to host a booth. We were able to meet hundreds of great
businesses as well as learn about new industry trends and technology.
You can see a few pictures of our booth and staff at:

This year's show was much smaller than last year and many companies had
cancelled their booth reservations, including Apple, AltaVista, GOTO
and Adobe.  Presumably many companies are trying to cut down on

We were glad to meet some of our newsletter readers and current clients
at the show.  In addition, several leading Internet companies stopped
by our booth, including Lycos, Google, Disney Internet Group (Formerly, GOTO, and Below are some highlights from
the show.

A couple of employees from Disney Internet Group (DIG) stopped by our
booth to chat to us. By now you may have heard that is no longer
a stand-alone search engine. Just prior to the convention,
silently launched a new trimmed down site, linking all search results
from the search engine to GOTO.  You can see the full story below.  We
did manage to ask what will become of the Go Guides directory and DIG
replied that some DIG management are in talks with Disney to buy the
service and offer it to the public again. Currently, management and
owners are in talks. We plan to watch this closely., whose booth was actually very close to us, stopped by our
booth to tell us about their pay-per-click search engine.  They have an
interesting search engine where you can include a small
graphical button next to your listing. We think this is worth a look. 
To find out more and to sign up, please visit:

Inktomi had a huge booth at the show.  I stopped by to ask a few
questions.  I asked them about their pay-for-quick-inclusion program
and if the sites listed will actually have a better placement.  From my
previous knowledge, I already knew that Inktomi has 2 databases where
the search results are pulled from. One is known as their "long-term
database," where the primary search results are pulled from. The
Secondary search results are pulled from a second database known as
their "new listings" database. Obviously, sites in the long-term
database will have a better ranking.  Usually, sites that have many
links to them and are well-established sites will end up in the long-
term database. However, brand new sites with no links to them get
listed in the secondary database and over time move to the long-term
database.  One important question we needed clarification on was if by
paying for their quick inclusion program, where in the search results
would the site appear?  I was informed that all sites paying for the
paid-inclusion program will get the same priority as the long term
database, meaning your ranking will be better than if you were to
submit your site to them for free. This was a very important finding
and now we highly recommend using the paid-inclusion program. Remember,
Inktomi powers about half of the major search engines, including
HotBot,,, and parts of AOL search, Netscape Search,
LookSmart and NBCi. To sign up or to find out more, please visit:

Inktomi also announced the release of a new version of their Search
Engine and told us that a few of their partners will be upgrading to
this new more advanced version soon, which uses different ranking
criteria and content blending techniques. They said that for example, can use site Titles and Descriptions from LookSmart instead of
from the site Meta Tags.  You can see the press release about this at:

We had a visit from the founders of a website called  We
were very interested to find out more about this company as they
provide webmaster-related information and tips. A visit to their
website showed a vast amount of high quality information. This website
must be bookmarked by all webmasters and visited on a regular basis. 
They provide a free newsletter for those that rather read their
information via email.  We were surprised that they included a little
bit of information about us and a picture of our booth, in their review
of Internet World Convention.  You can read this review at: had a very interesting tool to demo.  They offer an
online tool to build a flash website in about 10 minutes.  Their
starting package is $199.  We were amazed at the quality of the Flash
site they built us as a demo in just a few minutes. If you wanted to
build a flash site, but could not afford the money or the time to
learn, now you don't have to worry. Check out this site at: is an affiliate program broker, similar to Commission
Junction (CJ) or BeFree. However, they have no setup fees and only take
30% of what you decide to pay the affiliates.  It seemed like a very
attractive program for those who can't afford high setup fees of
companies such as CJ. Check out their site at:

This concludes our review of the Internet World Convention.  The next
Internet World Convention will be in Chicago on July 10-12.  At this
point we are not planning to have a booth there, but if you are in the
area, make sure to check it out. You can see details at:



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3- is now GOTO! silently launched a new site recently.  They replaced their
search results with GOTO search results. This comes as a big surprise,
given last year's lawsuit between the two companies involving
similarities between their logos.  GOTO ended up winning the lawsuit,
which resulted in changing their logo and paying millions of
dollars to GOTO.  Perhaps this is the reason why was so quiet
about this.  At the Internet World Convention, employees from both and GOTO stopped by our booth and both acknowledged that they
wanted to keep this deal very quiet. had announced that was going away, but it has now decided
to keep the URL as a means to generate traffic to its other sites,
which include:, and
According to, their new site does not take up much maintenance
and everything is automated.
You can read more details about this at:


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4- AltaVista Submission Page Changes

In another surprise move, AltaVista launched a brand new URL submission
page, which now requires entering a unique code in order to do the URL
submissions.  The move is presumably to block remote submissions done
by automated submission programs, because they get so much spam.

This has in effect stopped our own free submission page from being able
to submit to AltaVista. However, we will be looking for alternatives
for this and it appears that AltaVista may be offering a bulk
submission program soon.

Here is how the new submission program works:
Every time the submission page is loaded a new 8-digit code gets
generated that consists of letters and numbers.  The code is in a
graphical image, presumably to make it impossible to copy it with
automated tools. The characters are also displayed in different type of
fonts and sometimes are even so close to each other to make it
difficult for any OCR (Character Recognition) software to read it.
Each code generated can be used for up to 5 submissions. After that you
can refresh the page to get a new code. Many people are assuming that
AltaVista does not like to see more than 5 submissions from each site.
However, this is not stated anywhere on the site.  For now, we are also
recommending not to submit over 5 URL's per site per day.
To see the new AltaVista submission page or to submit your site, please
go to:


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