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Submit Express Newsletter #61
May 1, 2003



1- Intro
2- Yahoo Releases New Search Display
Google Acquires Applied Semantics
FindWhat.com Announces New Automated Bidding Tool
Teoma Provides Search Results to Mamma.com


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1- Intro

Last couple of months have been a little slow in the search engine world. On April 15-17 we were exhibiting at the San Jose Internet World Conference which was very slow. There were only about 25 or so exhibitors and amount of the crowd visiting were surprisingly low. The low numbers probably had to do with the last minute venue change from Los Angeles to San Jose and also due to the slow economy. We hope that next year things will start picking up for this great show that once attracted over 20,000 visitors.

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Pierre Zarokian
President, Submit Express


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2-  Yahoo Releases New Search Display

Faster, Easier Search Results. Claims Yahoo of its latest move to achieve its goal of providing the highest-quality search experience on the Internet.

"Yahoo!'s goal is to provide the highest quality search experience on the Internet," said Dan Rosensweig, COO of Yahoo!. "The new Yahoo! Search marks the next step in building an innovative and integrated search platform that leverages the most relevant, comprehensive content from across the Web and innovative search solutions using leading search technology and content on Yahoo! The result is a more effective way for users to find what they are looking for on the Web.

"In the last eight months we have conducted extensive research to understand what our users are looking for in a search experience and these latest improvements to Yahoo! Search are focused on providing the key features that our users want," said Jeff Weiner, Senior Vice President of Yahoo! Search & Marketplace. "To accomplish this, we have built a world-class team and search organization, dramatically improved the quality of our search results, and acquired Inktomi, a leading search technology provider."

With a cleaner, sharper display of searches Yahoo is sure to gain favor among its users. The new Yahoo search can be found here http://search.yahoo.com/


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3- Google Acquires Applied Semantics

Google announcement of its acquisition of Applied Semantics sent Overture Stock into a spiral down fall of 27%. A one time top 10 partner of Overture, Applied Semantics, a practical semantic software engine development firm.

Overture spokesperson Al Duncan down played the deal by saying:

"Although they were at top 10 when they served as our intermediary with New.Net but now that we have our own direct relationship with New.Net that is no longer the case."

"We do not expect this to have a material impact on revenue, if any. Applied Semantics is merely one of many technologies we have been testing as we develop our own contextual product.

"There's an inherent weakness in a pure technology approach such as Applied Semantics product. Our product will combine technology and editorial processes (high sensitivity filters needed to eliminate bad matches -- i.e. a story about a plane crash with links to travel)."

The rivalry that exsist between these two power engines is likely to motivate more buyouts, stay tuned.


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4- FindWhat.com Announces New Automated Bidding Tool

No more "Bid Gaps" as advertisers pay only a penny more then the next most
Competitive bidder. This automated service advertisers they will never over pay for any keyword.

"AutoBid was developed based on the needs of our advertisers; in fact, the tool was tested by several of our advertisers to refine it and make it the best automated bidding tool possible," said Craig Pisaris-Henderson, chairman and CEO of FindWhat.com. "The end result is an automated bidding tool that makes keyword bid management at FindWhat.com faster, simpler, and much more effective for our advertisers."

The usability for this service is simple. Advertisers indicate that they want AutoBid to manage a particular keyword and then designate the maximum bid price that they are willing to pay for a click-through on their keyword. AutoBid automatically adjusts the keyword bid to achieve the best possible position within the FindWhat.com listings, based on the maximum bid selected.


5- Teoma Provides Search Results to Mamma.com

Ask Jeeves Inc.'s Teoma announced that it will provide search results for Mamma.com (an Intasys Corporation company NASDAQ: INTA)

Mamma.com - The self proclaimed "Mother of All Search Engines" a premier meta-search engine formed in 1996. Currently with over 42.6 million unique users a month on both Mamma.com and focusIN networks. Mamma.com's growing popularity is credited to its extensive meta- search process it provides to its visitors.

"We are seeing the emergence of key players with distinctive core competencies in the search industry, and as a meta-search engine, our business model requires partnerships with the top and most trusted sources on the Internet in order to be successful. Teoma is one of these sources, and with this new partnership it brings its core competency of deep search relevancy to Mamma.com." said Guy Faure, President and CEO.

"While Mamma.com queries a combination of directories, content sites and large indices, Mamma.com's inclusion of Teoma will increase search result relevancy and the overall quality of the engine. We look forward to a long working relationship with Ask Jeeves." said Patrick Hopf, Vice President of Business Development.

"Teoma is a unique technology that approaches Internet search differently than any other search engine, delivering highly relevant and authoritative results. We are pleased to extend our technology to Mamma's users who are looking for a comprehensive search experience." said Jim Diaz, Senior Vice President of Ask Jeeves, Inc. comments


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