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Submit Express Newsletter #62
September 15, 2003



1- Intro
2- MSN Developing its Own Search Engine
3- InfoSpace's New Look Makes Finding Easier.

4- The Company Formerly Know As AOL Time Warner

5- Resolution for Looksmart's Class Action Lawsuit


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1- Intro

Exciting rumor has been floating around the net about MSN launching its own search engine soon. This is good news for all website owners as it might get a little easier to get rankings on MSN Search. See details below.

The Looksmart class action lawsuit may come to an end soon, with good outcome for past LookSmart Advertisers. See below for details.

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2-  MSN Developing Its Own Spider

Traditionally MSN has been powered by third party engines such as Inktomi, LookSmart and Overture. But that's all about to change now. Realizing the power, reach and profit of Search Engines like Yahoo and Google, Microsoft, has started the development of its own engine with its own algorithms.

With good reason, Microsoft, concerned about Yahoos dominating control over MSN's search results since the buyout of Overture and Inktomi by Yahoo, Microsoft is responding by launching MSNbot, Microsoft's own web crawler. MSNBot has been spidering the web in beta form since April. Also reported is that Microsoft has increased its development staff in the recent months. Currently you cannot submit to MSNBot nor are its results served on MSN or any other public engines at this time.

A clear, well-planned attack on Google and Yahoo is eminent. Microsoft, with its powerful financial and marketing capabilities will give the search giants a good run for their money.

Also, rumors about Microsoft's bid to purchase Google and Google's decline of the offer may have pushed the giant to start its own engine.


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3- InfoSpace's New Look Makes Finding Easier

With its updated look and functions, which offers several new easy to use business and people lookup functions with access to public records, email addresses and much more is sure to be a pleaser among visitors.

The new look focuses more on information and structure that will be more attractive to business advertisers. The Yellow page and business find services dominate the engine, don't worry, you can still perform several simple people find searches.

The public records section allows you to perform a name and location search. Then provides a list of possible matches. After selecting a name from the list of possibilities, the site allows you to order the report.

The report accesses information from a few databases, including "death records, white pages information, magazine subscriptions, real property records, credit records and voter registration."


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4- AOL Time Warner will now be called Time Warner

After a devastating three year run, Time Warner has finally decided to remove all traces of AOL from its name and salvage what it can.
AOL's CEO, Richard Parsons said it would take "several weeks to become legally effected and several months to roll it out completely."

The company's stock symbol, currently AOL, will be replaced by TWX, its symbol before it was bought out by AOL 2001.

"We believe that our new name better reflects the portfolio of our valuable businesses and ends any confusion between our corporate name and the America Online brand name for our investors, partners and the public," Parsons said in a written statement.

"Renaming our company will strengthen the identity of the AOL brand among consumers," he added. "America Online is an important part of our company, and we expect it to continue to make major contributions to our success in the future."

Since AOL bought Time Warner for $112 billion, the largest merger in history', the value of the online division has fallen drastically, as did the company's stock, and the anticipated ROI of synergy never blossomed.


5- Proposed Settlement For Looksmart's Class Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit filed against LookSmart in 2002 may come to an end soon.

The suit, filed in the Superior Court of California, San Francisco County, claimed breach of contract, fraudulent business practices and misleading advertising.

In mid 2002, LookSmart converted thousands of sites that originally had paid a onetime submission fee into its new cost-per-click advertising model. Companies that didn't sign up for the new structure were at risk of getting de-listed from LookSmart's database.
Robert Goldberg LookSmart's Sr. VP of sales and marketing said, "We believe suit is incredibly baseless. We're going to defend it vigorously. We feel we are in a very strong legal position."

The proposed settlement was accepted for several reasons. The settlement states: "The Class Representatives and Class Counsel believe that the claims asserted in the litigation have merit. However, Class Counsel recognize and acknowledge the expense and length of continued proceedings necessary to prosecute the litigation against the Defendant through trial and through appeals."
If you paid LookSmart a fee for review of your listing between May 13, 1998 and April 9, 2002, and your listing was accepted by the company you are covered by the settlement.

The settlement indicates a combination of free clicks and a cash payment to each member of the settlement class.

Companies entitled to the settlement need not to do anything to receive free clicks. However, to receive the cash refund of up to $50.00, you must complete and submit a claim form no later than November 14, 2003. (Note: Link to Claim Form was Removed on December 1, 2003)

Click here to read the Terms of the settlement


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