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Linking Two Sites Is Not a Violation of Google's Guidelines - May 03, 2013

In a video published April 24, Matt Cutts addresses the question: Does linking two sites together violate Google�s guidelines? Read More

Waiting for the Next, Big Penguin Update - May 03, 2013

During the SMX West panel in March, Matt Cutts announced that a major Penguin update will hit the web sometime in 2013. Penguin was designed to dock rankings for sites that violate Google�s quality guidelines or practice black hat SEO techniques; it�s also designed to reward sites with high quality content. The upcoming tweak is expected to be the biggest update to the algorithm this year. When will it roll out and what can you do to prepare? Read More

Bing Announces Malware Re-Evaluation and Geo-Targeting Tools - May 03, 2013

Bing has unveiled two new features in Bing Webmaster Tools: Malware Re-Evaluation and Geo-Targeting. The new Malware tool makes it possible for users to detect and monitor malware, while the Geo-Targeting feature helps users provide Bing with information about their target audience. Read More

Matt Cutts Unveils The Top Five SEO Mistakes - May 03, 2013

In a video published April 29, Google�s Matt Cutts addresses the main five SEO mistakes made by webmasters. Here are the top five mistakes and how to fix them. Read More

Submit Express Recent Press Coverage - Apr 01, 2013

Submit Express has been popping up in current press coverage -- have you been paying attention? Online writers like Lana Bandoim, Frank Bergman, Bill Richards, and Andrew Moran have all mentioned Submit Express in their recent writings about the search engine optimization and Internet marketing industries. Read More

Google SEO Factors to Be Used in 2013 - Feb 28, 2013

Google SEO Factors to Be Used in 2013 Read More

Keeping Track of Penguin Updates - Feb 20, 2013

Did you feel that rumble? Was it another Penguin update? It's hard to keep track of every time Google makes an adjustment to its Penguin algorithm, or webspam filter. Read More

Google Stock Surpasses $800 - Feb 19, 2013

Google's stock surpassed $800 on February 19, breaking the record as the first technology company to reach and top that amount, the Los Angeles Times reported. Read More

Majority of Webmaster Tools Messages Respond to Black Hat Techniques - Feb 14, 2013

In a YouTube video published earlier this month, Google's Matt Cutts addresses valuable questions regarding the types of messages Google sends out via Webmaster Tools. Read More

Google Adds New Feature to Adwords Search Funnels - Feb 13, 2013

Google has added a new feature to its AdWords Search Funnels, a set of reports designed to help users make better decisions about their AdWords keywords, ad groups, and campaigns. Read More

Google Releases 23rd Panda Update - Jan 09, 2013

On December 21, Google announced another Panda data refresh, affecting nearly 1.3 percent of English queries. The tech giant unveiled the update via Twitter, confirming a change in the algorithm that many in the industry had already noticed. Read More

Got Negative Reviews on Yelp? - Dec 19, 2012

Getting a negative review on Yelp is not the end of the world. Read More

Negative Yelp Reviewers Beware, You Could Get Sued - Dec 13, 2012

You ate at a fancy restaurant but were not satisfied with the service. So you decided to write a negative customer review on Yelp, and fib just a little to make the review seem more believable. Harmless, right? Wrong! You could get sued for parts of the review. And this is exactly what happened to Jane Perez when she wrote a negative review about the construction company Dietz Development LLC. Read More

Bing Releases Webmaster Guidelines and Webinars - Nov 19, 2012

Bing has released its Webmaster Guidelines, the company's first set of rules covering topics such as technical SEO, social media, content, links, and things to avoid. Read More

Yelp Mediation, Smarter Ways to Lasso In Yelp Reviews - Oct 31, 2012

As a business owner, youve probably had countless discussions with peers about the impact of Yelp reviews Read More