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Newsletter Advertising

Below are our newsletter advertising rates:


  Submit Express Newsletter
Subscribers 600,000+
Frequency Once a Month (1st week of the Month)
Deadline for Ad 2 days before mailing
  • Search engine news, marketing, tips and tricks<
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Internet marketing
Response Tracking Per Request
Exclusive Ads Yes



  • Top Banner Ad 486x60 - $0.002 /subscriber ($5 CPM) or $1200.00
  • Side Banner Ad 160x160 top position - $0.001 /subscriber ($2.50 CPM) or $600.00
  • Side Banner Ad 160x160 middle position - $450.00
  • Side Banner Ad 160x160 bottom position - $300.00
  • Banner Ad 486x60 after intro - $250.00
  • Banner Ad 486x60 after first article - $200.00
  • Solo Mailing - $0.005 /subscriber ($5 CPM) or $3000.00

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