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Yahoo! Introduces Mobile en Espaņol

Yahoo! announced today the launch of Yahoo! Mobile en Espaņol, a Spanish-language mobile homepage that is customized for the specific needs of the U.S. Hispanic consumer. Available across more than 1,900 device models, the Spanish-language homepage is designed to bring together content and services from across the Internet to create a personally relevant mobile experience.

According to the announcement, comScore data reveals that mobile Internet usage among Hispanics is outpacing that of all other groups, with 88 percent of Hispanics consuming content on their mobile phones. Additional industry data concludes that Hispanics use more phone features, including Internet access, at higher rates than other mobile subscribers.

"As companies expand to reach new mobile users around the globe, it is increasingly important to provide personalized mobile experiences combined with relevant content to address the cultural needs and interests of users," said Tuong Nguyen, Principal Research Analyst at Gartner Research.

The Spanish-language mobile homepage will also help marketers reach the U.S. Hispanic audience with highly targeted advertisements through mobile advertising opportunities and advertising formats.

-Melanie Saxe


Nov 12, 2009