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Factery Labs gives Web surfers "just the facts"

A new search engine has emerged as a challenger to Google's throne, but this one is taking a radically different approach to Internet searches. ReadWriteWeb reports that a new API service called Factery Labs is launching today, and as its name indicates, what it cares most about is "just the facts."

Factery Labs uses advanced technology to create reading summaries of new stories instead of merely delivering lists of links to stories involving selected keywords. The goal is to avoid duplication and cut out all of the unnecessary bits in order to give readers one place to go to get all of the relevant information they need on a newsmaker or current story.

Factery Labs was co-founded by Paul Pederson, who has an extensive background in search engines through stints at Inktomi, Google, and Powerset. Pederson says that even though its mobile applications are not ready to be launched, the company sees major growth potential in the mobile search market.

"Our analysis shows that mobile devices are a prime target for this technology because the latency produces a lot of resistance in the browse experience," said Pedersen.

- Richard Manfredi


Nov 17, 2009