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Real-Time Search Engine OneRiot Creates Ad Network for Social Media Apps

Search Engine Watch reports that real-time search engine OneRiot is attempting to unlock the Holy Grail for developers of social media applications give them a way to make money off of their free apps. One Riot has recently launched RiotWise Trending Ads, a real-time ad network that allows Web and mobile app developers a chance to earn money through ad clicks.

The revenue-sharing model sees OneRiot deliver ad content related to topics that users are discussing at any given moment. The theory is that by making the ad content as fresh and topical as possible they could appeal Facebook and Twitter users who otherwise eschew clicking on ads.

"RiotWise is grounded on the premise that users of realtime web apps are trying to find out what's going on right now," said Tobias Peggs, General Manger, OneRiot. "Our ads directly match that intent. RiotWise Trending Ads offers another exciting option for developers to monetize their social web applications."

- Richard Manfredi


Dec 23, 2009