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Video Search Engine Blinkx Launches Personalized Ads

Reuters reports that video search engine Blinkx is refining its marketing strategy to target the specific viewing habits of its users. According to the report, the company has launched a new platform with personalized ads that are shown to each user based on their past search habits.

This form of behavioral advertising is becoming increasingly common in the online world, and several search engines in recent years have launched similar platforms to deliver targeted advertising content based on the search habits of their users.

According to Blinkx CEO Suranga Chandratillake, the new technology allows the company to understand its audience even further and give a better performance for the advertiser.

"Targeting is extremely valuable," he said. "What we saw, particularly during a recession, is that if you can target viewers then advertisers can justify higher spend. Targeting in general can be very powerful in keeping the (ad rate) pricing high."

- Richard Manfredi


Apr 27, 2010