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Google Experimenting with Instant Search Results

Google might be ready to take the idea of "instant" search results to the next level. CNET reports that UK-based SEO expert Ron Ousbey posted video on his website showing a search results pages that instantly updates with each letter typed into the search query bar. You can watch Ousbey's video here:

In the example shown in Ousbey's video, the results for a search for the phrase "straw" update instantly as more letters in the word are typed in. This sort of live update continues until the entire word is typed in. This sort of "streaming search" takes the concept of predictive searching to the next level by delivering results instantly before a person sends a search command to the search engine.

Tech Crunch reports that Google has confirmed that it is conducting the test on instant search results. Google spokesperson Gabriel Stricker would not confirm if or when instant search results would roll out, only that "at any given time we are running between 50-200 search experiments. You can learn more on our blog"

- Richard Manfredi


Aug 24, 2010