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Google TV Is Coming To Your Living Room

After five months of its initial launch, Google TV on Monday announced several partnerships with television networks, content providers and technology and media companies that will be utilizing the Google TV platform for displaying their web content on TV.

According to the Google TV Blog, the idea behind Google's new service is to "open up the living room and enable new innovation from content creators, programmers, developers and advertisers."

Television networks Turner Broadcasting, NBC Universal, HBO and NBA TV have all teamed up with Google TV. Turner Broadcasting, for example, has been preparing their most in-demand websites (such as TBS, TNT and CNN) for viewing on Google TV. NBA TV has created a new application -- NBA Game Time -- that allows users to keep track of game scores in real-time and stay updated on their favorite teams in HD.

Content providers who have teamed up with Google TV include Amazon and Netflix, offering popular movie and TV titles streaming directly to the TV. Leading technology and media companies include news sites such as The New York Times as well as music sites such as Pandora and Napster. Twitter has also joined the alliance.

According to the Google TV Blog, new products powered by Google TV will be available in stores this month including Sony's Internet TV and Blu-Ray player.

Site owners interested in learning how to prepare their websites for viewing on Google TV, can visit Google's developer page.

-Melanie Saxe


Oct 07, 2010