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Yelp Confirms IPO Plans

Search Engine Land reports that Yelp COO Geoff Donaker confirmed during his keynote speech at SMX East that the company is planning on going public. Donaker told Search Engine Land Executive Editor Chris Sherman that while the IPO might be "a year or two or three out, I don't know," he acknowledged that it would eventually happen.

"We don't see any reason not to be an independent company for years to come," Donaker said. Will we go public at some point? Certainly that's the intention."

Donaker also talked during his keynote speech at the major SEO marketing show about Yelp's relationship with Google, which Donaker said was the "800 pound gorilla" in the search space.

"They're our biggest partner, but also possibly our biggest competitor some day," Donaker said. "We use Google products and services, we buy Google ads from time to time. One of our top sources of traffic is people who search 'yelp' on Google. If Google wanted to squeeze Yelp out in the future, that would complicate things. But we haven't seen anything like that."

- Richard Manfredi


Oct 07, 2010