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Yahoo! Clues Gives Snapshot of Popular Search Trends

Yahoo! has launched a new service designed to give users advanced insights into search trends. PC Magazine reports that the popular search engine launched Yahoo! Clues on Tuesday, which gives users a snapshot of trends relating to popular search terms.

The beta version of the service provides users with a list of trending search terms, or a user can enter their own terms. Search terms are shown by the frequency of searches over the past month -- although Yahoo! Clues doesn’t show raw numbers of searches performed on certain terms, it shows the frequency of searches along the timeline. It also shows demographic data for search terms such as gender, age, income level and location, giving a snapshot of the people most likely to search for certain terms.

In a blog post announcing Yahoo! Clues, Director of Search Products at Yahoo! Brian Theodore said that the purpose of the service is to give users a “behind the scenes” look at popular search trends.

“With Yahoo! Clues, you can discover and compare trending information for search terms of interest to you, or explore popular trending search terms on Yahoo!,” he wrote. “You can see search volume charts, demographic graphs, maps, or even related searches specific to a demographic group. We’re also experimenting with an interesting feature called “Search Flow,” which offers a unique look at people’s search patterns and the next most probable search term people try after searching for a query.”

- Richard Manfredi


Nov 19, 2010