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Bing is using all its Efforts to take the Number 1 Search Engine Spot

Since its inception, Microsoft's Bing, has been doing all it can to take Google off that number 1 search engine spot. Bing first differentiated itself form Google by advertising its engine as a decision engine implying that other search engines only cause one to get lost in the links. Bing has also promoted this slogan on commercials and television shows like the Colbert Report. Now it's invading phones and the Blackberry is one of their first targets.

Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmer, announced today that Bing will be the default search engine on all BlackBerry devices. This is not only for the web, but on an OS level as well. In addition Microsoft announced that it would also become the primary search engine for Nokia phones as well. Microsoft's search engine is extending as far as it can through these mobile devices, but Google still has a strong hold on Apple's i-Phone which is the primary phone of choice for consumers. But does it really?

The relationship between Apple and Google has become less sturdy since Google entered the smartphone market with their Android. It is also unbecoming of Google to have launched Google Chrome to compete with Apple's Safari. They did extent their partnership last fall, but with Google's constant expansion into Apple's realm, who knows how long their partnership will last.

Along with that Google is facing a backlash from their recent Panda update, +1 rating system, and a new domain blocking feature. There is no doubt that when internet users cannot find what they want on Google other search engines pop into their head. Bing wants to be that search engine, and then become a primary search engine for all individuals using the web. This may be possible, because as Google begins to fault, Microsoft is doing all it can to become the primary search engine of phones, smartphones, game consoles, and the internet overall. And they just might be able to pull it all off.

Darren Miller

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May 03, 2011