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Google is not Giving Up on Social Media

We all know Google as the search engine giant we use every day. We do not recognize it for connecting us with friends unless we are communicating with our acquaintances through Gmail or looking up the word Facebook. Google is just the point of entry to get to these, and other, social networking services, but being the giant corporation that it is, Google does see the benefits of entering the social media market place.

Larry Page, the new CEO of Google, explained that 25 percent of its bonuses could be tied directly to the success of a social strategy suggesting that a step into the social market place might be the next big step for Google. Supporting this speculation was the company's newly patented image which appears to be taking a Twitter type style of response to this social networking phenomenon. The picture also suggests that its new program might be for mobile devices considering the small picture in the background.

Bill Slawski of SEO by the Sea also explained that this would be a, "chance for Google to draw together a lot of things that they've been working separately and independently. It gives them a chance to put some ads on there, and it might have a lot of potential."

Google is an ever expanding search engine corporation. It has already come out with services to compete with Facebook's thumbs up system and a direction guide to compete with MapQuest. So, it really is only a matter of time before it enters the social market as well. It might seem a bit late, but there is no doubt that Google can expand their search engine from products and services to friends and family online.

Darren Miller

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May 10, 2011