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Google + Is Vital for Search Marketers and SEO

With the recent launch of Search Plus Your World, Google has made it possible for users to find their own information on the web, including photos and content shared by them and other members of their network. However, most of this "personal" information comes not from Twitter, Facebook, or other sources but from Google Plus, which is why Google's social networking site has just become one of the most important tools for marketers.

Experts in the industry, including Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land, have already noticed the way Search Plus Your World offers personal information from Google Plus over other networks. This means that if a user or members of a user's network are not on Google Plus, their information will not be included in the personalized search results offered by Search Plus Your World. While this move by Google raises many concerns, most notably legal issues and product quality, it also creates new opportunities for search marketers.

According to Sullivan, having an account with Google Plus is so important that it can potentially bump a Google Plus page to the top of the sidebar results. Sullivan also points out that Google Plus accounts have not only flooded the search results pages of Search Plus Your World, but also taken over the search box, even for users who are not signed into Google. For example, when you type Britney Spears in the search box, the fourth autocomplete option features a link to Google Plus.

And while Sullivan has already made the point that being friends on "Google Plus can lead to better rankings" in personal results, he now says it can even help with regular listings.

- Melanie Saxe

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Jan 11, 2012