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Share Limited Access to Your Website through Webmaster Tools

Google has launched a new product that allows verified site owners to provide third-party individuals with limited access to their site's information and settings in Webmaster Tools. Although site owners have had the ability to provide full access for several years, the new feature grants limited permission, blocking third-party individuals from the ability to modify all settings.

By selecting the "Add or remove users" option under the "Manage site" menu on the home page, site owners can now access the new User administration page, where they can add or delete up to 100 users. The new feature also allows site owners to specify each user's access as "Full" or "restricted."

The "Restricted" access will provide third-party individuals with access to most data, and can prompt certain actions, such as utilizing Fetch as Googlebot, and initiating message forwarding for their account.

"We hope the addition of Full and Restricted users makes management of your site in Webmaster Tools easier since you can now grant access within a more limited scope to help prevent undesirable or unauthorized changes," wrote Jonathan Simon, a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, in the blog announcement.

- Melanie Saxe

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Mar 08, 2012