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Landing Page Optimization Tips & Techniques

By Pierre Zarokian

Your Web site's landing page is the biggest factor readers and visitors use to size up and form an impression about your business. It's really what determines their first impression. We all know that the daily pace of Internet commerce dictates that you're unlikely to have another chance with as much potential to persuade your audience to try your products or services. The first time they arrive at your landing page really matters; make it count! Someone gets to a landing page by clicking on an ad, and that's why this page weighs so much -- it's what's joining a person's interest in buying with the product or service you're offering. A great landing page's influence is strongly felt in the following areas:

1. Driving force of conversions

A landing page that's optimally created will have comprehensive information about your product and coax visitors into making a positive decision about purchasing what you offer.

2. Positive first impressions

Landing pages that are compelling, lucid, and straightforward are the best positioned to turn a Web visitor into an online purchaser. Getting visitors to like your business and products enough to part with their cash starts with a good-looking landing page; one that is informative, understandable, and true.

3. Better sales muscling

Landing pages have a direct impact on your sales. Use them to express, and transmit, your brand's identity and appeal. Remember that the landing page constitutes the link between your advertisements and your Web site.

4. Tracking

With a conversion tracking code installed in your landing page, it's possible to extract improved data about conversion rates. This information proves pivotal when weighing decisions about future marketing campaigns. It's data that can make your decisions more efficient and cost-effective. Both Google and Bing provide conversion tracking codes that you can install. Once these are in place, it will be possible to track the specific keywords your leads or sales are coming from.

Below is a Before and After example of a Landing page design we've improved. Click on the images to enlarge.



To see more examples, please visit this page.

Now let's look at how to build an optimal landing page. Start by:

1. Having pertinent content

So what is the most pertinent content? It's information that compels readers to buy. In other words, it's a call-to-action that works. The best ones are simple and feature a single, specific product. If you do not have very many products and services, then create individual landing pages for each product and service. However, if your products are too numerous, the next best thing is to group your items into categories and to create landing pages for each specific category.

2. A focused call to action

The call to action should suffuse the landing page, but the header is an ideal place for it. Short commands to buy work well. For service-type businesses, we highly recommend placing a lead generation form on your landing page. Use symbols, like red arrows, to point out the most relevant information to readers.

3. Optimally structured navigation menus

A visitor on your landing page should have no trouble finding his or her way around the page's menus for making purchases or going to your home page. This aim is best accomplished with menus that are excellently structured and simple to use. However, try to limit your menus to only those items that are relevant to what you're promoting. Move all extra menu items to the bottom of the page.

4. Standout design

Having standout design means that the look of the landing page is appealing and smart -- clutter is out of the question. Keep the focus on the product or service being highlighted by the landing page. Most recommended are white backgrounds and a single, distinctive graphic. All the details included should present your product in the best light possible.

5. Test and re-test

Because your products and services are unique to your business and brand, it's essential to conduct tests to measure the effectiveness of your landing pages. For this, the installation of conversion tracking codes comes in more than a little handy. Data pulled from the tracking codes will make clear which landing pages perform better. Create multiple landing pages to carry out A-B Testing. Once you find the best converting page, use it to conduct additional testing (Multi-Variant Testing) on that page's components; these include changing the header, main image, and background color. Testing takes time, but the knowledge gained is invaluable.

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Apr 11, 2012