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Bing Launches Facebook App

In an effort to help Facebook users stay on top of and share current events, Bing has created a Facebook app called My Bing News. The new app makes it possible for Facebook users to browse the latest news stories and subscribe to categories, such as sports, politics, or entertainment. Users can also use the app to follow specific topics, such as a celebrity, a sports team, or TV show. Based on user interests, My Bing News automatically pulls top articles from the web to create a personal home page for the user.

"Integration with Facebook makes it easy to check the news while you're checking in on your friends, and easy to share what you find with others," wrote Nathan Penner, Senior Program Manager at Bing.

According to the announcement, the new app makes it possible for users to control what and how they share. For example, users can share and comment on a specific article, or enable sharing when they subscribe to categories and read articles.

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Sep 20, 2012