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Submit Express Adds Blekko to Its Link Popularity Checking Tool

Submit Express offers a wide range of free tools to webmasters, website owners and other people who want to improve the scope and outreach of their websites. One of the most powerful free tools offered by Submit Express is its Link Popularity Check Tool, which lets users get detailed information about their site's position and influence with various search engines. One click lets users see exactly how many back-links various sites have with the popular search engines.

This tool is even more powerful now that Submit Express has added the Blekko search engine to existing search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Blekko is a new search engine which provides enhanced information with incredible SEO value. It provides information on mentions and back-links, allowing users to drill down deep and find the SEO and link value of specific back-links found by the Blekko search engine.

Blekko takes a different approach to its search engine data; instead of making its process secretive, Blekko has a transparent model which allows users to take advantage of its SEO information for their own uses. It's a valuable tool for anyone building SEO campaigns or interested in testing the effectiveness of any online marketing efforts. By adding Blekko to our existing list of search engines scanned with the Link Popularity Check Tool, we give you the ability to access more data to create powerful SEO campaigns.

It's easy to try the Link Popularity Check Tool for yourself: simply go to and enter in the website you want to check. We think you'll be intrigued by the depth of information provided by the Blekko search engine.

- Richard Manfredi


Nov 29, 2010