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Submit Express Newsletter #87 (August 2012)

elcome readers to the Submit Express August 2012 Newsletter. Find out about what the movers and shakers in the search engine optimization and Internet marketing world are up to these days. Likewise, stay up to date with the latest to emerge from social media. There is no charge to sign up for our newsletter, and you can subscribe at
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In this issues we cover the following topics and more:


SEO Lessons from SES San Francisco 2012

by Pierre Zarokian

SES San Francisco took place August 13-17. Were you one of the attendees? If you were, you probably got to network, share some business pitches, and maybe even got a chance to listen first-hand to Matt Cutts, Google engineer extraordinaire, talk about the recent changes that have been taking place at the company Larry Page and Sergey Brin started 12 long years ago. Cutts participated in a Q&A session on August 14th. Business and marketing professionals of all stripes were eager to find out what tidbits a normally tight-lipped Google might be willing to share via its emissary, Cutts. He had some very welcome news: greater transparency is coming! Read More.

LinkedIn Looking Less Sedate and Boring

A little over a year after its glitch-free IPO, LinkedIn is still receiving kudos from its investors. The company is growing and making money and the value of its shares hasn't suffered an embarrassingly pronounced decline la Facebook. The year that's gone by has seen LinkedIn's earnings grow by 89 percent as well as the release of the first LinkedIn iPad app. Its shares are trading above $100. Read More.

Ads to Connect Social, Television, and Handhelds

Advertisers are envisioning a new future for advertising, and B. Bonin Bough is hoping to be one of the shapers of what lies ahead for the industry. Bough is the current vice president of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Kraft Foods. He's also thirty-five, and comes from a social media background; he co-authored a book called Perspectives on Social Media Marketing with Stephanie Agresta and Jason Miletsky. Read More.

Wall Street Unhappy With $62 Million Nasdaq Offer, Wants More Dinero

Nasdaq may wish that its clients had a more conciliatory nature, but for better or worse, they are of a stripe that is highly unlikely to let bygones be bygones. In May the American stock exchange that until recently was the most favored by tech companies of good repute did the unthinkable: it royally messed up the biggest and most eagerly anticipated IPO, Facebook's. Read More.

Latest News

Anti-Canadian Facebook Page Taken Down
One would think that with the sluggish U.S. economy, Americans would be happy that a national retailer was pulling people in for heavy-duty shopping, even from across the border, but that is not the case in Bellingham, Washington. The town, whose population is close to 81,000, has caused an international stir because some of its residents put up an anti-Canadian Facebook page. Read More.
Global Festival 2012 Takes New Angle on Charity and Social Media
Organizers for a charity concert against extreme world poverty have come up with a novel way of harnessing social media. That charity concert is the Global Festival 2012, which will be held in New York City's Central Park come September 29th, but aside from the big names that will be performing -- Neil Young and Crazy Horse, K'naan, and the Foo Fighters to name a few -- people are talking about the event because instead of just raising money through ticket sales, concert-goers will be used as vehicles for message transmission. Such an exploit will be accomplished by making those interested in attending the concert watch and share informational videos on the plight of the impoverished at home and abroad. Read More.
Less Young People Driving, Social Media Blamed
This just in from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute: teens lose interest in driving the more they use social media and other forms of non-physical connection. At least these findings aren't prompting any more pieces about how tweeting, facebooking, or texting is leading to more car accidents or deaths. But the bad news, of course, is that the American economy isn't being helped by a shrinking number of drivers/car buyers. It can also be argued that people are missing out on knowledge that only comes through face-to-face physical contact, in all its gloriously diverse variety. Read More.
Gabby Douglas Wins Gold, America Fixates on Her Hair
Gabby Douglas made history this summer when she won the Olympic gold medal in the individual all-around gymnastics competition: she was the first black athlete to accomplish that feat. But right after winning, commentary on Twitter and Facebook became unexpectedly fixated on her hair. The traditional American media immediately followed suit, going all out with their coverage of the phenomenon because, even more unexpectedly, at least for some, the hair criticism was coming from other black women. Read More.


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