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20,000+ Search Engine Submission

Please fill out the following form. This is the information that will be submitted to various 20,000+ search engines, FFA sites (if checked) and directories. We will submit your information and send you an email of all the successful submissions within 48 hours. Orders placed on Friday or the weekend, will be processed by the next working day which is Monday (excluding holidays). Your listings will appear in some search engines immediately and some other ones may take up to 2-10 weeks.

Some search engines will look at your website content and/or META tags to generate Keywords, Description and Page Title. In addition, we can import your Keyword and Description META tags, if you use them. You can choose the option below for us to import them and save some time filling them out. If your page does not use META Tags, we strongly suggest you use our Free META Tag Generator before you fill out the below form.

You will need to fill out all the fields or some search engines may not accept your submission.

Please choose one - All Transactions are in US Dollars

1 URL Submission - $29.95
2 URL Submissions - For 2 Sites - $39.95
3 URL Submissions - For 3 Sites - $54.95
4 URL Submissions - For 4 Sites - $69.95
1 URL Submission - Monthly for 6 Months - $99.95
1 URL Submission - Monthly for 1 Year - $189.95
1 URL Submission - Quarterly for 1 Year - $69.95

Best of the Web Directory Submission
 I would like to order BOTW Directory Submission for $120.00 more per URL (20% discount if you order here).

**PLEASE NOTE: After completing the payment process, PayPal will redirect your browser to our website submission form so you can provide your website details. If for some reason you do not get redirected please email us**