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Submit Express Newsletter #85 (Jun 2012)

elcome to the Submit Express Newsletter! Summer has arrived, which means it's the perfect time to catch up on the latest to emerge in the SEO, Internet marketing, and social tech arena. An especially hot topic this past month has been Negative SEO, and it's no surprise. The Penguin algorithm Google introduced has made it easier for Negative SEO campaigns to be carried out. Pierre Zarokian, Submit Express' CEO, has written an article about the issue. Read it here! Also, don't forget that Submit Express will be exhibiting at LA's Largest Mixer 2012 and LeadsCon 2012. Both events are this July. LA's Largest Mixer is happening July 19th; see for details. LeadsCon takes place July 24-15. Visit to get informed.

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In this June edition, read about:


Standing Guard Against Negative SEO

by Pierre Zarokian
Negative SEO has been made a lot simpler by the recent Google Penguin update. Google doles out penalties to sites whose content violates its quality guidelines; the biggest being a dropped search engine ranking. Negative SEO is a "black hat" technique that targets websites with the goal of lowering their rankings. The goal is achieved through the generation of content that makes it appear as if a targeted website is violating Google's quality guidelines. Negative SEO is rare, but it's something site owners must be aware of in order to protect themselves from it. Read More.

Facebook's Rocky Start on the Market

Facebook's first two days as a publicly traded company have been ones for the record books, for sure, but they have also been marred by ungainly "technical glitches," underperformance, and even the reek of what some (John Cassidy) are calling an inside job. Friday, May 18th turned out to be the day tech investors had been waiting for: Facebook's initial public offering on Nasdaq. But early on, those trying to buy or sell were having problems getting their orders through; the system seemed to be overloaded. The day continued with heavy trading and Facebook shares, when the market closed, were valued at $38.23, just 23 cents above their initial asking price. Read More.

Bing Revamps Search, Introduces Three-column Design

On May 10, Bing unveiled the company's most significant improvement to search in three years, a revamped version of its search engine. In essence, the new Bing introduces a fresh take on social search. The updated search engine will be accessible to U.S. users in the coming days, and will reach a global audience in a few weeks. Read More

Yahoo's Marketing Dashboard, Smart Tools for Small Businesses

Devised to be used by small business owners, Yahoo's Marketing Dashboard is an online management system offering a bevy of features to monitor and survey marketing and branding strategies. Dashboard is easy to use so you don't have to be a marketing whiz to make the most of its applications for business listings, Web site traffic, or online reputation management, among its many other capabilities. Dashboard was released by Yahoo Small Business and is available for use in a free version, and in a premium one, if you're willing to pay a fee. Read More.

Apple Shuts Down Ping, Connects With Facebook

In September 2010, Apple introduced Ping, a social network for music on iTunes. Less than two years later, that iteration of Apple's social dream is over: iTunes' forthcoming update will eliminate Ping altogether. Not many people will miss it. Read More.

Latest News

Facebook Goes Public; No Pop, but Many Lawsuits
Not a week went by after Facebook's supremely hyped, but ultimately lackluster, initial public offering (May 18th) when the company, its IPO underwriters, and even Nasdaq itself had all been sued in court by aggrieved investors. Moreover, three regulating bodies had also begun informal investigations into its entire IPO process: the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Senate Banking Committee, and the House Financial Services Committee. What went wrong?.
First Lady Michelle Obama Debuts Pinterest Page
First Lady Michelle Obama just joined Pinterest. Though the page is managed by the Obama 2012 campaign staff, a quick note explains that the First Lady's personal posts and pins "are signed -mo." In total, there are sixteen pins on the brand-new page. Though the President's reelection campaign staff is also managing a Pinterest page for him, there's no indication that President Obama himself is actually active on the burgeoning social network. Given his tremendous day job, it's unlikely too many people will be kvetching about that. Read More.
Proposed Bill Aims to Silence Anonymous Posts on the Web
There are pros and cons to anonymity on the Internet. The ability to write or publish content on the Web without being known or identified by name can be a good thing; it can protect an author from persecution, especially if the content is controversial or taboo. However, the ability to post anonymously on the Internet has also opened the door to bad things like cyber-bullying, harassment, and the destruction of one's reputation. This is why many people have had to invest in reputation management services. Read More.
Facebook Co-Founder Renounces U.S. Citizenship Before Company's Gargantuan IPO
Eduardo Saverin, one of the four original founders of Facebook, renounced his American citizenship last year, but news of the fact didn't hit the broadband until last week. Given that Facebook's big IPO is in its final countdown, a personal public relations quagmire has ensued. It's assumed he gave up his citizenship to avoid paying his share of taxes once his fortune balloons -- he owns a little bit less than 5 percent of Facebook, a company whose valuation is the biggest in history. However, the scandal hasn't affected Facebook itself; Saverin stopped working for the company years ago. Read More.
Google and the Over-Optimization Penalty
Much hype was recently given to the so-called "Over-Optimization Penalty" that Google was rumored to be implementing in its algorithm. In an official blog post on April 24, Google announced that it was taking steps to punish sites with overstuffed SEO keywords and content as a way to discourage "black hat" SEO companies from performing "webspam" such as keyword stuffing and link schemes to trick Google into ranking them higher than they otherwise would deserve. Read More.
Katherine Losse, Once Facebook Employee Number 51, Pens "Tell-All"
If you're looking for an insider's view of Facebook, it's almost here. The 26th of June, Katherine Losse's The Boy Kings: A Journey Into the Heart of the Social Network will be out in print. Free Press, a Simon & Schuster division, is publishing. Losse is Mark Zuckerberg's former personal writer. She worked at Facebook from 2005 to 2010, and was Facebook's 51st hire. According biographical details currently circulating the Web, Losse first worked as a Facebook customer service representative. Subsequently, she took on the role of ghostwriter for the Big Boss. Although unconfirmed, the Phoenix, Ariz.-native is credited with authoring most of Zuckerberg's emails during her tenure. At the moment, Losse lives the life of a writer in Marfa, Texas. Read More.


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