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Submit Express Newsletter #86 (Jul 2012)

tís time for another FREE Submit Express Newsletter to keep you informed with the latest news and information covering search engine optimization, internet marketing and social media marketing. Along with industry news, our July issue brings you information on new tools, such as Bingís Disavow Links tool, as well as valuable tips and advice to help bring more people to your site and revenue to your business.

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Introducing Bing's Latest Webmaster Tool, Disavow Links

by Pierre Zarokian
Bing has launched a new tool that lets webmasters disavow spammy or unwanted links pointing to their sites. Aptly called Disavow Links, the new tool is available in Bing Webmaster Tools and allows users to submit pages, directories, or domain URLS that may have "unnatural" or low-quality links pointing to their sites.

Does Bing Dock Sites with Low-quality Links?

While it's well known that Google penalizes sites with spammy backlinks (think: Google's recent email alerts and the infamous Penguin update focused on punishing spam), the industry was taken aback when Bing introduced the disavow links tool instead of Google. Why Bing? Do inbound links from low-quality sites affect Bing rankings? If so, this is the first the industry has heard about it.

The answer isn't clear, at least when it comes from Bing. According to the FAQs page, [low- quality links won't hurt your site, but "really won't help much, either." But then it says, "Paying for or participating in non-relevant link exchange schemes will not improve your page rank with Bing, and in fact, it could very well hurt it."

When asked about the tool, Bing's Duane Forrester told Search Engine Land that it's merely a way for webmasters to tell Bing when they are no longer supporting a link, whether from "negative SEO, or an old paid link they'd like to distance themselves from." In a blog post announcing the tool, Forrester says, "You should not expect a dramatic change in your rankings as a result of using this tool, but the information shared does help Bing understand more clearly your intent around links pointing to your site."

Why You Should Use It

Whether it is merely a signal or something more, it's safe to assume that the search engine might lower a siteís ranking due to spammy incoming links. Using the tool is just another way to comply with search engine guidelines. It's also good practice, especially because Google might be coming out with their own disavow links tool; Matt Cutts said the search giant is considering offering such a tool, but it will be months down the line if it happens.

Bing's Disavow Links tool is available in the Configure Your Site section in Bing Webmaster Tools, and there is no limit to the number of sites you can submit.

Yahoo's Marketing Dashboard, Smart Tools for Small Businesses

Devised to be used by small business owners, Yahoo's Marketing Dashboard is an online management system offering a bevy of features to monitor and survey marketing and branding strategies. Dashboard is easy to use so you don't have to be a marketing wonk to make the most of its applications for business listings, Web site traffic, or online reputation management, among its many others. Dashboard was released by Yahoo Small Business and is available for use in a free version, and in a premium one, if you're willing to pay a fee.

Online marketing for small businesses is predicted to experience a significant boom in the coming years. By 2015, according to BIA/Kelsey, a media research and consulting firm, small businesses will spend a full 70 percent of marketing budgets on online efforts.

Without a doubt, Yahoo is banking on business owners being desirous of gauging how money invested in marketing fares. To do that, Yahoo's Marketing Dashboard provides four core elements: (1) campaign tracking, (2) search engine and directory listings, (3) site traffic analysis, and (4) online reputation management. Users can also expect to encounter handy tutorial videos to learn how to take full advantage of the service. No matter what the market conditions are, making astute efforts to rev up business counts for a lot! Read More.

Google Rolls Out Google + Local with Zagat Scores

Google is adding Zagat scores to its local search. The company has launched Google + Local, a new way to search and share local information featuring Zagat scores and information from people you know in Google +.

Using the new "Local" located on the left-hand side of Google +, users can now search for specific locations or browse various options. If they select a place, such as a restaurant or museum, they will be taken to a local Google + place that features photographs, Zagat scores, and reviews from people within your social network. Users will also find other information such as store hours and address.

Zagat joined the Google team last fall and brings to the table more than three decades of scores, reviews, and summaries based on user-written submissions and surveys. Read More. Publishes Article by Submit Express CEO

In a recent article published in titled How to Protect Your Site from Negative SEO, Submit Express CEO Pierre Zarokian outlines the most common negative SEO techniques and provides webmasters and site owners with helpful tips on how to avoid the evil-doings of their competitors.

While negative SEO has been around for years, the subject has received extra attention recently due to the launch of Google's Penguin update. If you're still unclear about negative SEO, now is your chance to get up to speed and protect yourself against the illicit tactics people can use to harm your rankings. Read More.

Can Negative SEO Hurt Your Rankings?

An article about Negative SEO written by Submit Express' CEO Pierre Zarokian was recently published on Do you know what Negative SEO is? The term refers to damaging online campaigns launched against Web sites and whose purpose is to downgrade search rankings. The pernicious part is that, for the most part, Negative SEO represents a stealth attack, and unless you're on the lookout, it's very likely that you will not know you have been targeted until it is too late.

Duplicate content, intrusion, and link spamming are three ways by which Negative SEO can damage your rankings. Read the original article to get Pierre Zarokian's full insight on the matter.

Link to original article: penalized/. Read More.

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Not a week went by after Facebook's supremely hyped, but ultimately lackluster, initial public offering (May 18th) when the company, its IPO underwriters, and even Nasdaq itself had all been sued in court by aggrieved investors. Moreover, three regulating bodies had also begun informal investigations into its entire IPO process: the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Senate Banking Committee, and the House Financial Services Committee. What went wrong? Read More.
Pre-Sandberg, Facebook's Company Culture Rife With Sexism, According to Tell-All
First Lady Michelle Obama just joined Pinterest. Though the page is managed by the Obama 2012 campaign staff, a quick note explains that the First Lady's personal posts and pins "are signed -mo." In total, there are sixteen pins on the brand-new page. Though the President's reelection campaign staff is also managing a Pinterest page for him, there's no indication that President Obama himself is actually active on the burgeoning social network. Given his tremendous day job, it's unlikely too many people will be kvetching about that. Read More.
Apple Shuts Down Ping, Connects With Facebook
There are pros and cons to anonymity on the Internet. The ability to write or publish content on the Web without being known or identified by name can be a good thing; it can protect an author from persecution, especially if the content is controversial or taboo. However, the ability to post anonymously on the Internet has also opened the door to bad things like cyber-bullying, harassment, and the destruction of one's reputation. This is why many people have had to invest in reputation management services. Read More.
First Lady Michelle Obama Debuts Pinterest Page
Eduardo Saverin, one of the four original founders of Facebook, renounced his American citizenship last year, but news of the fact didn't hit the broadband until last week. Given that Facebook's big IPO is in its final countdown, a personal public relations quagmire has ensued. It's assumed he gave up his citizenship to avoid paying his share of taxes once his fortune balloons -- he owns a little bit less than 5 percent of Facebook, a company whose valuation is the biggest in history. However, the scandal hasn't affected Facebook itself; Saverin stopped working for the company years ago. Read More.


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