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Submit Express Newsletter offers the latest search engine news and tips for search engine promotion, submission, optimization, placement, registration, website promotion, internet marketing, email marketing, and affiliate programs. Subscription is 100% free. You can see some of the past issues of our newsletter below. Note that this archive is not updated often. To keep up with the latest news, please become a subscriber.

September, 2012

  • Top 10 SEO Tips for Bloggers
  • Google Rolls Out another Panda Refresh
  • Google Launches New AdWords Budget Feature
  • Google Maps Now Features Interior Business Photos

August, 2012

  • SEO Lessons from SES San Francisco 2012
  • LinkedIn Looking Less Sedate and Boring
  • Ads to Connect Social, Television, and Handhelds
  • Wall Street Unhappy With $62 Million Nasdaq Offer, Wants More Dinero

July, 2012

  • Introducing Bing's Latest Webmaster Tool, Disavow Links
  • Yahoo's Marketing Dashboard, Smart Tools for Small Businesses
  • Google Rolls Out Google + Local with Zagat Scores
  • Publishes Article by Submit Express CEO
  • Can Negative SEO Hurt Your Rankings?

June, 2012

  • Standing Guard Against Negative SEO
  • Facebook's Rocky Start on the Market
  • Bing Revamps Search, Introduces Three-column Design
  • Yahoo's Marketing Dashboard, Smart Tools for Small Businesses
  • Apple Shuts Down Ping, Connects With Facebook

May, 2012

  • Recovery After Google’s Penguin Update
  • Google Unveils April Changes, including Panda 3.5 and 3.6
  • Small Social Networks on the Rise
  • Google Releases AdWords for Video

April, 2012

  • Landing Page Optimization Tips & Techniques
  • Share Limited Access to Your Website through Webmaster Tools
  • Yahoo Sues Facebook Over Patent Infringement
  • Google Launches New Video, Provides Deeper Look Into Search
  • Google's Nonstop Social Misadventure
  • Wall Street Journal Announces Google Search Changes

February, 2012

  • Google’s Secret Quality Guidelines Revealed and Explained
  • Google Announces Layout Algorithm Improvement
  • New Search Tool Out as Social Web Tells Google: "Don't Be Evil"
  • Google + Is Vital for Search Marketers and SEO
  • Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Interviewed by a Valley Girl
  • Google Reveals Major Transformation to Search, Gets Personal
  • SOPA and PIPA Disowned By President, Republican Senators, and the Public

December, 2011

  • Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Year in Review
  • Get a Copy of Blogger Relations for PR and SEO, the E-Book Written by Murray Newlands and Pierre Zarokian
  • Social Media Urges On a New Statistics
  • Two Nobel Laureates Hangout on Google+
  • On Facebook, Israel Writes in Arabic to Engage a Contentious Public
  • Google Unveils Ten Changes to Its Search Algorithm
  • Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries Data is Now Live in Google Analytics
  • PageRank is Alive and Well

September, 2011

  • RIP Link Exchange
  • Google's Panda/Farmer Update: How to Embrace the Change
  • Google Panda 2.3 Update is Now Live
  • 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report Now Available
  • How Will Google Plus Influence SEO?
  • U.C. Berkeley Social App Lab Releases CitySandbox, Hopes to Network Real-World Deeds
  • Facebook Builds Momentum Among Recruiters

May, 2011

  • Google's Panda/Farmer Update: How to Embrace the Change
  • Does Google Rate Site Bouncing?
  • Mining Social Graphs to Accomplish Location Prediction
  • Google Acquires Flight Information Software Company
  • LinkedIn's Hitting the Big Times Now (New Bells and Whistles Also on Deck)
  • Friendster's Getting a New Identity

January, 2011

  • Top 10 SEO Tips for Bloggers
  • Win Two Free Tickets to Social Media Marketing 2011 in Las Vegas
  • Submit Express Adds Blekko to Its Link Popularity Checking Tool
  • Bing Unveils Latest Search Engine Updates
  • Yahoo! Announces Local Search, Social Media Enhancements
  • Retailers Taking Advantage of Facebook Deals
  • Twitter Rolls Out Advertising in User Streams via Hootesuite

November, 2010

  • Top 10 SEO Tips for Bloggers
  • Hear Submit Express President and CEO Pierre Zarokian at AffCon2010
  • ad:tech New York is a Success for Submit Express!
  • Yahoo! Announces Local Search, Social Media Enhancements
  • Retailers Taking Advantage of Facebook Deals
  • Twitter Rolls Out Advertising in User Streams via Hootesuite

October, 2010

  • Sticks and Stones Will Break Your Bones, But Names Will Never Hurt You
  • Submit Express at ad:tech New York
  • Submit Express Ranks as Sixth-Largest Marketing Firm in San Fernando Valley
  • Google Updates Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
  • Bing Replaces Yahoo! as Number Two Search Engine
  • Are Google Instant Changes Impacting Demand Media?

September 08, 2010

  • Local Search Tips Learned at SES
  • Save 20 Percent on Registration at the Performance Marketing Expo
  • Submit Express at BlogWorld 2010
  • Breaking Down the Impact of the Yahoo!/Bing Merger
  • Google and Verizon Pact Draws Net Neutrality Concerns
  • Google Realtime Allows for Advanced Real Time Searches

August 02, 2010

  • Five Tips Every Guest Blogger Should Know
  • Submit Express at SES San Francisco and Affiliate Summit
  • Social Media Event
  • Google Launches Latest Version of Google Search
  • Yahoo! Launches Testing with Bing
  • Is Twitter the Fastest-Growing Search Engine?

July 01, 2010

  • Ten Essential SEO Content Writing Tips
  • Google Caffeine Now Live
  • Yahoo! Launches Facebook Features
  • British Petroleum Buys Search Terms Relating to Oil Leak
  • Google to Roll Out Music Service Tied to Search Engine

June 01, 2010

  • Ten Reasons to Use Social Media for Business
  • Visibility Magazine Publishes Submit Express CEO Pierre Zarokian's "Top 10 Twitter Tools"
  • Internet Advertising Click Fraud on the Rise
  • Google Reveals New Face
  • Top Internet Retailers Struggle with ROI for Top SEO Terms

April 20, 2010

  • Why SEO Alone is Not Enough Anymore
  • Names Submit Express "Most Useful SEO Website"
  • Nielsen Reports February U.S. Search Rankings
  • Google Rolls Out "Starred Results"

January 14, 2010

  • Top Search Stories of 2009
  • Our CEO, Pierre Zarokian, writes about Top 10 Twitter Tools for Visibility Magazine
  • Google Threatening to Stop Operations in China

November 30, 2009

  • Submit Express CEO Pierre Zarokian to speak at the Affiliate Convention on December 3 in Los Angeles
  • How desperate times turned one conference attendee in Las Vegas into a "Link Prοstitute"
  • Google's planned UI changes for 2010
  • Find out details about the partnership between LinkedIn and Twitter
  • ew search engine Factery Labs and its "just the facts" approach

February 24, 2005

  • How to find directories that would increase your Search Engine Rankings
  • New Google HTML Tag Disallows Link Spam
  • New MSN Search Finally Released with Mixed Reviews

July 28, 2004

  • MSN Launches Beta Search Engine
  • SEO Firm gets all their Clients Banned in Google
  • Google IPO Coming Soon

January 15 , 2004

  • Search Engine Year in Review: 2003
  • Google Algorithm Update Causes Havoc
  • 2003 Top Search Terms

September 15 , 2003

  • MSN Developing its Own Search Engine
  • InfoSpace's New Look Makes Finding Easier.
  • The Company Formerly Know As AOL Time Warner
  • Resolution for Looksmart's Class Action Lawsuit

May 1, 2003

  • Yahoo Releases New Search Display
  • Google Acquires Applied Semantics
  • Announces New Automated Bidding Tool
  • Teoma Provides Search Results to

March 28, 2003

  • Overture Goes on Buying Spree, Raises Minimum Bids
  • Google Buys Blogger/Pyra Labs
  • MSN Extends Inktomi Contract
  • and Disney to be powered by Google

January 30, 2003

  • Search Engine Review 2002
  • The Top Searches of 2002
  • Google Launches Shopping Search Engine Froogle

January 1, 2003

  • Yahoo Renews Google Deal and Buys Inktomi
  • Yahoo's New Change: Is It Worth Renewing Annual Inclusion
  • Yahoo Changes Business Express Interface
  • HotBot Redesigns Site and Searching Options
  • AltaVista Revamps Website
  • Overture Signs Deal with MSN and CNN


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