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scambook.comScambook was launched around 2006 to report scams, and tally the money that consumers have collectively lost to unscrupulous business practices. Its intention was to hold businesses accountable for their actions, and warn consumers of potential scams. Instead, due to its lax registration requirements, it has become a haven for anonymous complaints that damage the reputation of honest businesses nationwide.

Scambook won’t even disclose who owns the company, so trying to track anyone down for legal purposes is a waste of your time and money.

Scambook does offer a Business Resolve program with three separate options: free, $99, and $499. None of these options, even the most expensive, will offer full removal.

The biggest problem is that Scambook carries weight in the search engine, and that’s bad for reputation. Their listings do appear in Google and other engines, especially when users type the word “scam” next to a term. We often meet businesses who are grappling with a PR firestorm because they ignored complaints, or tried their own methods.

How we can help:

Contact us today. We specialize in helping companies recover from these reputation challenges. We can help you get Scambook content off of Google and other engines. Don’t wait to see if you have a problem, be proactive! Fill out a quote request form today, and we will contact you with a plan custom-tailored to your situation.

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