Below are testimonials from some very satisfied clients. Please understand that due to privacy reasons, website addresses are not provided. However, actual URL's and references would be provided per request to qualified candidates. We had so many testimonials over the years that we had to split it in two pages.


We have been an SEO client of Submit Express for years. They have done a great job for us over the years and have gotten us top rankings. There have been ups and downs with algorithm changes, but Submit Express has always done a great job recovering us from any lost rankings when the algorithm changes happened. We actually cancelled service for about a year and that was a mistake as rankings dropped afterwards. We came back to Submit Express and they were able to get us back. We are very happy with their staff and customer service as well.


Chic Jewelry


Since we used your services, our web presence has skyrocketed. We were very pleased with the level and quality of service and would certainly not recommend you any of our competitors. You promised us top three positions and delivered! Thanks for everything.


Anoush Banquets & Catering

Category: Weddings & Catering


I rate their SEO service 10 plus....

Just give them something decent to work with.. do not expect a miracle in one month.... it starts rocking after 3.... going hot after 6, and full blown after about one year..... search engines are like wine seasoning... it does not happen overnight and page rank has a bearing as well.. your page rank will boost with them for sure.

They are rated in the top 5 in the world, and I spent 4 weeks interviewing the top ones before choosing them.... so far so good (5 years later)....

If you want to rule in your industry... look no further. Pay the money upfront and just wait.. it will all come back soon enough".

Brian Kening

Category: Real Estate


I just wanted to tell you that I am extremely pleased with the ranking results that your company has gotten for me, specifically in Google. Having a keyword such as "Sport Memorabilia" in top 3 is priceless. In particular, I want to let you know that I am very impressed with your employees. They are always professional and knowledgeable. You are very lucky to have people of such good caliber working for you. It certainly reflects positively upon you and your company. I have been with you for almost 3 years now and my business has grown tremendously due to your service.

John Damboragian

Authentic Sports Collectibles


Just implementing some of your advise from the Search Engine Strategies show in San Jose has really paid off.

September was my first full month of statistics. Our site had 2,782 unique visitors and received 3,178 search engine referrals!!

As we are targeting potential air charter customers, I was very pleased to see that we did not receive any, not even one, search engine referrals for cheap or discount airfares!!

How's that for targeting our audience??!! Again, many thanks for all your great work.

Dan McRoskey

Category: Airline Charters



To everyone at Submit Express:

I just wanted to drop you guys a line and say that I am now very pleased with the progress we have made. I just did some searches and found that our rankings on almost all boards have really moved up!!

  • Examples: search.msn.com (Keyword removed) #1
  • Google - Top 10 on (Keyword removed)
  • Yahoo - Top 10 on (Keyword removed)

So Congratulations on the move you've gotten for us. Keep up the good work and we'll continue this business relationship for a long time!


Tim Lee

Category: Jewelry



"I just wanted to let you know that over the last 30 days we had seen a steady climb in google and just this past weekend, google updated and we jumped onto the first page of almost everything we were going after.  I just figured I would take a minute to thank you for all the hard work that you put into our site.  Not to mention our site sits top 5 all over yahoo.

Thanks again our business has really exploded in the last couple months and think a great deal of it has to do with your optimization.

Best Regards and thanks for the great job on our site."

Jeremy Lambert

Category: Weight Loss Products



"Just wanted to let you guys know that you have done a fantastic job of optimizing our site. Our traffic is through the roof, the stats are fantastic, and your service is outstanding. Thank you!"

Kevin O. Neil

Category: Business Plans



Submit Express has been our SEO provider for the last 2 years and has proven to be a great investment. They have delivered terrific rankings on the keywords that we requested (usually delivering top 10 rankings on most of our important keywords) and have always provided a quick turn around time when re-optimization or tweaking was requested. I would definitely recommend their services to other web businesses that depend on search engines to provide visitors.


Best Regards,

Paul T.

Herbal Research Inc.



My relationship with Submit Express dates back to 2000. I was Interactive Marketing Manager for an online exchange when I hired your firm to drive traffic to the site. The results from your website optimization exceeded our expectations. Equally impressive was the responsiveness of all departments at Submit Express. Your expertise and advice were appreciated during the setup period, as were your tireless efforts to refine the results during the monthly maintenance phase. Your firm was directly responsible for making our company visible to its target audience, generating revenue and contributing significantly to the bottom line.

A few months ago, I started my own business as a realtor. As soon as I got my real estate website up, I called on your firm once again to begin the optimization process. Knowing the results that Submit Express generates, I felt that it was an important investment in my future. In the past month, the e-mail inquiries from my website have increased 4-fold. I now have customers calling me, having found me on search engines, and asking for appointments to show them properties. This level of visibility and response is what I was hoping for when we started the optimization process. Submit Express - once again you delivered what you promised.

I am happy to recommend your services to any individual or corporation.

Laurel Drazen, Realtor

Jupiter, FL



"Please extend our thanks for what you have helped us achieve here. #1 For "Virginia New Homes" on Google! This is very good as it is the strongest new homes market in the world. As of today, we beat newhomes.com and they are a big national corporation who have been top of the net for a long time."

"Just a brief note to tell you we are doing very well on all search engines.. better than ever and basically we can't do any better. It is really great now and seems to have stabilized in our favor."

Brian Kening

Category: Real Estate


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