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Has Wikipedia declined you? Consider some alternate Wiki sites

Wikipedia has very strict policies and you would not qualify unless you have significant news coverage. However, other wiki sites such as Eveybodywiki, Wikialpha, Wikitia and Fandom are much easier to get in.

In addition, there is also Simple Wikipedia and foreign Wikipedia pages, which may be easier to get in. There are also many specialty Wiki sites such as Bitcoin Wiki. If you have any specific wiki site in mind, contact us and we can probably help you get on it.


Most Wiki sites require that you have at least some news coverage. However, many are not that restrictive and even if you do not have news coverage, you may still get in, as long as you have a website and social media presence.


Many of these Wiki pages would automcially rank well for your name or company name, therefore they have a strong affect on your PR, branding and SEO. If you suffer frim having negative online reviews or reputation management issues, then these sites are excellent ideas to combat them.

DISCLAIMER: Wikimedia’s Terms of Use (TOU) specifically prohibit paid editing when such editing fails to disclose: (a) the employer; (b) client; and (c) affiliation with respect to every contribution made.  Our editors comply with all such Wikipedia policies. Editor we use: WiktorLinus.


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