Landing Page Design & Testing Services

A better landing page design is essential for the success of a pay-per-click advertising campaign. A good landing page will have great ad copy and a call to action placed above the fold, such as a phone number or a lead generation form. Your landing page should target your relevant keywords, and ultimately you may need several different landing pages if you have variations of different keywords.

We also recommend that you design two or more landing pages and test them against each other to see which performs better. This is called A-B Testing.

In addition, once you have a good converting landing page, you can play with different components on the page to see what variation converts better, such as changing the header, background color or the main image. This is called Multi Variant Testing. You would need a conversion tracking software to do this.

Landing page design and testing could make a huge difference in making a PPC campaign successful. In some industries, profit margins in PPC advertising is so low that a 1 percent conversion difference will make thousands of dollars more in profit.

If your current landing page is poor, after creating a better landing page, you should typically see a 10 to 50 percent better conversion rate.

Submit Express provides landing page design services, as well A-B testing, and Multi Variant testing services. If you are interested in our pricing and a proposal, please contact us.

Please see some examples of our landing page design below.


Auto Insurance Landing Page Design 1

Before                                          After

Auto Insurance Landing Page Design 2

Before                                         After

Veterinarian Landing Page Design 1

Before                                       After

Veterinarian Landing Page Design 2

Before                                      After

Home Builder Landing Page Design

Before                                       After

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